June 24, 2022

AmyGB making its Mark in the Intelligent Document Processing Market

We are getting noticed! AmyGB.ai was named a Progressive Leader in the Intelligent Document Processing segment for its excellent business strategy and product innovations with a strong service portfolio.

The global Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market is one of the most quickly growing AI segments (if not the quickest). According to a recent report published by Markets & Markets (one of the largest market research companies), the IDP market is growing at a CAGR of 37.5% and is estimated to reach $5.2 billion  by 2027. 


Key Reasons behind the Growth of Intelligent Document Processing Market


The pandemic has acted as an external stimulus, disrupting the traditional ways in which businesses were run. It created a need for organizations to invest in new digital technologies such as  IDP. Technologies like IDP can help organizations reinforce their information systems without making major changes to the existing infrastructure. It will help them acquire relevant information from raw structured to unstructured documents with minimal intervention.

Many organizations are increasing their digital spending in document processing. They are partnering with leading IDP vendors to digitize the processing of large volumes of documents (structured as well as unstructured) with higher speed and greater accuracy. 


Growth Regions of Intelligent Document Processing

The IDP technology has been growing rapidly globally due to frequent and ever-existing document processing challenges. However, the North American region is witnessing the highest growth in terms of early adoptions. This is due to the presence of multiple IDP vendors in the region such as Kofax, Abbyy, Hyland, Automation Anywhere, etc.

The intelligent document market can be segmented based on the below regions:

North America: United States and Canada.

Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, France, and small areas in the rest of the continent.

APAC (Asia-Pacific) Region: India, China, Japan, and small areas in rest of the region.

Latin America: Brazi;, Mexico, and small portions in the rest of the region.

And different countries in the Middle East and Africa.

About AmyGB

AmyGB is an ISO 27001 certified artificial intelligence and deep tech company focused on Intelligent Automation in document processing and customer support. AmyGB’s VisionERA is an Intelligent Document Processing solution that is capable of processing structured as well as unstructured documents with high accuracy.  It is a one-stop document processing platform for SMEs and Large Scale Enterprises that wants to automate their document processing use cases end-to-end.


AmyGB being covered in News Articles

Catering to the highly competitive niche market even in its nascent stage of offering IDP technology ‘VisionERA, AmyGB has still managed to make a name amongst titans. AmyGB is being constantly mentioned in some big news enterprises and web forums. 

It includes two important names i.e. GlobeNewsWire and Yahoo Finance.

On GlobeNewsWire, AmyGB has been mentioned thrice in the list of prominent players in the intelligent document processing market. These mentions are done by different research partners of GlobeNewsWire that are MarketsandMarkets, Strait Research, and Report Linker. To read the full news article, click here. In fact, Yahoo finance has also included the name of AmyGB in the list of major vendors operating in the niche.

Markets and Markets researched about 26 leading IDP companies in the world and identified AmyGB as one of the progressive companies in the segment, ranking high in Business Strategy Excellence as well as strength of Product Portfolio. This recognition by Markets and Markets further strengthens AmyGB’s claim of being one of the leading IDP companies in the world.


What Pins AmyGB to the IDP Quadrant of Important Vendors?

Intelligent Document Processing is one of the fast-growing AI segments, with the APAC region being the highest potential growth for the next 5 years and AmyGB stems its roots from the same region. Markets and Markets conducted primary and secondary research to estimate the market potential and key drivers in the segment. 

According to the report, in the post-pandemic era, the organizations have realized the need to do away with manual document processing and invest in IDP solutions as a part of their long-term strategy. As you can see in the graph below, AmyGB is making pushing further in the niche as a progressive company with other contemporaries.



 It is by virtue of our strong service portfolio in the IDP market with which we are making our presence felt by offering customized services as per user requirements. Adding to it, we belong in an industry and use case agnostic space. It is because our product is highly customizable as per our customers requirements and offers stellar features for end results. This results in higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Portfolio of AmyGB - Delivering Dream Automation to Our Customers

AmyGB’s portfolio mentions some of the biggest names in the Indian market and clients from the European market too. It is the proof of our higher excellence within our niches and represents our credibility in the market. 

Beyond this, AmyGB is planning to expand its horizons into the North American market. We have recently launched our new office in Delaware, United States. With this, we intend to provide better service and support to our international clients.

Here are a few words from our Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Sowmya Sriram:

"Our products seamlessly integrate with leading global CRMs such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho, Freshworks etc, to provide out of the box solutions requiring minimum time and data. We have established significant domain authority in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and E-commerce”. Adding to it, "We are extremely excited. We hire the best talent across the globe and are confident that our strategic launch in North America will help establish and strengthen our global presence."

Customer Success Stories:

Airtel Payments Bank:

Airtel payments bank manually verified vehicle registration number and vehicle registration copy (RC) for issuing FASTag to its customers. The process was highly inefficient and unproductive, accumulating high TAT (turnaround time) because of manual reconciliation.

To learn how VisionERA solved the problem, click here.

Writer Corporation:

Writer corporation is one of the biggest cash replenishment companies in India. Their work included over 18,000 ATMs for cash replenishment in India. The workflow required the company’s agent to feed cash into the ATM machine and manually reconcile the receipts from the system. The process of reconciliation took time for handling a single query and demanded a huge dedicated team for the work.

Learn about the entire success story by clicking here.

Reliance General Insurance:

RGI felt the need to handle the bulk email they acquired through the business. They needed automated contextual responses to their customers to gain efficiency and increase productivity.

AmyGB combined two of its stellar products - MailERA and VisionERA to create an automated response machine. To go through the entire success story, click here.

NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited):

NSDL is amongst the largest security depositories currently in the world. NSDL wanted to reduce their manual workload. Similar to RGI, they require an automated email-management system that can provide contextual responses to their customer queries.

To read the entire success story, click here.

AmyGB Partners…

Intel: AmyGB and Intel joined hands to drive data-driven decision making. To read the entire solution brief, click here.

Microsoft: AmyGB became a co-selling partner with Microsoft. It is a top-tier that will enable AmyGB to sell alongside Microsoft in collaboration with their sales team. To checkout VisionERA at Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, click here.

Closing Statement…

It is imperative in contemporary times to invest in digital transformation to stay ahead of the curve as a business. Choosing the right partner for your document processing requirement is critical and this report acts as a guide to narrow your options for potential partners. AmyGB has been a trusted partner for organizations across industries like BFSI, Healthcare, E-commerce, TTL, etc. to automate their document processing, and it is adamant on serving its customers better with disruptive tech such as VisionERA and creating a bigger presence for itself.

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