Helping a Cash Management Company Cash in more Business via Automated Reconciliation using IDP

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As a part of their daily cash replenishment exercise in ATMs across different locations, the customer was looking for an automated process for reconciling the transactions executed on the field. This was initially done manually using dual entry of transactions, once on field with thermal print images and later in back office as an authorization entry.

This process was time-consuming and tedious owing to the manual reconciliations. It was also highly error prone and posed a high threat of huge financial repercussions to the company. WBS with its focus to raise the bar for digital initiatives, opted to use OCR backed by AI to process thermal print images and automate the process of authorization.


VisionERA proved to be a boon for the client, helping them reduce the turnaround time as well as reducing the risks of errors due to manual tasks of reconciliation with great accuracy. VisionERA’s advanced pre-processing algorithms helped read the noisiest of data, sometimes difficult to read by a human eye. Our proprietary Machine Learning and NLP technology with built-in feedback mechanism ensured automatic classification of documents with data validation using Triangulation methods for end to end automation with the highest accuracy. is a team with the right skills and the right attitude. Thanks to the brilliant IDP platform they have, we now see more than 60 percent of regular workload passing through new automation. As our relationship with team matures, we are setting more milestones to achieve together in several other areas and they will be our first choice now


Why VisionERA

The client aimed to be the pioneers of innovation in a conservatively operating industry, aiming to speed up processing time while mitigating the risk of human error. The variability and complexity of the documents to be processed required a mature platform that was intelligent and agile, and could flag potential risk areas. Prior to signing up with AmyGB, the customer had tested the efficacy of multiple IDP vendors, including some global giants. VisionERA’s accuracy, flexibility, customer support and pricing was unmatched. With tight implementation timelines and tremendous support from the client tech and ops teams, VisionERA was up and running in 45 days after signing the contract.

Key Outcomes

  • The organization can now process 1.6 million documents annually with potential to scale.
  • The platform also offered significant cost savings while delivering higher accuracy as compared to manual data validation.
  • After a year of deployment, our solution is providing 70% of automation for workload with an accuracy level of 95%.
  • Improved scale of operations with ability to process more documents in lesser time.