VisionERA for Healthcare

The healthcare sector has been grappling with a shortage of resources due to factors such as skyrocketing demands, reduced operational margins and rising administrative costs.

This means that the healthcare sector is witnessing the  administrative and clinical teams being flooded with tonnes of reports each and every day. 

VisionERA’s Intelligent Document Processing capabilities have been built keeping in mind the rising costs associated with healthcare revenue cycles.

Developed specially for the healthcare sector, we can help healthcare providers weed out inefficient medical  processes and poor patient experiences while enhancing employee experience.

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Use cases

Claims Processing

Extract automated information from claims and other supporting documents such as IDs, policy holder’s name, date of birth, etc.

Clinical Trials

Decode colossal volumes of data generated during clinical trials and gather key insights such as patient name, patient onboarding date, medical history of patient,etc.

Medical Coding

Reduce manual work and automate your entire medical revenue cycle including insurance verification and pre-authorization, identifying and recording correct codes, submitting claims, reconciling claims, etc.

Hospital Information System Processes

Eliminate paperwork and augment your hospital information system procedures such as financial systems, communication systems, personnel management systems, medical record management systems, etc.

Documents VisionERA can Process

Take care of your intricate healthcare workflows such as patient onboarding, reducing over-admittance, expediting lab requests, predicting staffing and much more. 

Uncover opportunities at every step of the patient journey with VisionERA document processing capabilities while optimizing use of your resources and maintaining high standards for patient care.

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  • Research & Development Documentation
  • Patient Onboarding Process
  • Claims Processing
  • Medical coding
  • MER Analysis
  • Digitization of health records
  • Hospital Information System processes
  • Management of clinical trials
  • Patient Experience Surveys
  • Healthcare Provider Application