How Reliance General Insurance Increased their Productivity by 300%?

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RGI (Reliance General Insurance) required an automated response system to address repetitive emails containing multiple documents. The objective was to increase productivity and efficiency while enhancing customer delight with minimal turn around time.


300% Productivity Gain

  • With our solution, the same number of agents were capable of handling 5 times higher volumes. The solution helped RGI free up agents' time from mundane operational activities to more productive & intellectual work. 
  • 50% of the manpower re-allocated to tasks with higher complexity. It resulted in a more productive & efficient customer support team with all the necessary skills to provide exceptional customer experience.

98% Reduction in Turnaround Time

  • The standard response time averaging between 24 to 48 hours got reduced to less than 20 minutes.

Cost Reduction

  • On average, organizations spend almost 70% higher costs in providing above average quality work. It is done by investing more in manpower rather than using automation. That accumulated cost also got reduced.

Enhanced Quality

  • Customers of RGI experienced significantly higher consistency and quality in communication. It was more accurate and consistent in comparison with the varied skills, training, and attrition dependent communication done by the human workforce.
  • RGI jumped the CSAT score by 2x.


AmyGB deployed a combination of two products: RPA for email automation, and VisionERA for processing documents attached along with those emails.

Customer requests landed via e-mails and chats with attached documents were captured by the Customer Support Console. 

  • Stage 1: The platform analyzed the query in the emails/chats with the help of AI & NLP technology powering the platform and established a correlation between the nature of the query and intent by tagging the data into appropriate categories. 
  • Stage 2: The attached documents were processed using VisionERA's IDP technology. The data was extracted and validated using VisionERA and fed to the database using APIs. Based on the cross validation, an automated response with query resolution was shared with the customer. 
  • Stage 3: This entire process is carried out within minutes of query requests. Also, the responses were also delivered via the same channel of communication (e-mail or chat).

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