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NSDL has a huge task force of agents working on:

  • Processing of handwritten application forms
  • Validating authenticity of applications
  • Alerting suspected fraudulent cases
  • Supporting customer queries/requests via multiple communication channels that included emails and chats

All these tasks were carried out manually and given the complex nature of the workflows involved in processing these documents, NSDL intended to onboard a flexible and scalable solution that can mimic its sophisticated business logic and still deliver lightning responses for all the incoming queries.


  • The deployed solution had a success rate of 98%.
  • The solution was able to reduce turnaround time in NSDL for the process by 95%.
  • NSDL was capable of re-deploying its workforce for tasks that required skilled labor.
  • The solution was capable of handling volume surges of requests as expected by NSDL.
  • NSDL was capable of stalling the process of hiring more workforce for completing the same process in due time with the same strength of workforce even during surges.


After thorough evaluation, NSDL identified VisionERA’s IDP as the chosen partner capable enough to deliver business logic via custom workflows. Our IDP technology successfully processed all the unstructured data and mimicked the current workflows to deliver responses via emails and chats.

AmyGB deployed their omni-channel document processing platform ‘VisionERA’ on NSDL premises. It read customer queries via emails; stored, and tagged attached documents. It categorized emails into specific categories fetching data from CRM systems using APIs and automatically drafted responses to customer queries.

AmyGB proved to be a one stop solution for automation of all document related as well as communication related processes for NSDL.

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