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With multiple processes spread across various business lines, NSDL had been looking for a solution that could ease off workload from the huge taskforce of agents that were responsible for processing handwritten application forms, validating authenticity of applications, alerting suspected fraudulent cases and supporting customer queries / requests via multiple communication channels including email and chat.AmyGB proved to be a one stop solution for automation of all document related as well as communication related processes. Using a combination of advanced proprietary AI technology such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, AmyGB was the only vendor that was able to prove significant returns on investment with our end-to-end process automation solutions that run at scale, easing off significant workload from agents, allowing them to focus on more productive, core business related tasks.We signed a contract with NSDL for automating their e-mail response management process, and have since been automating majority of their processes involving unstructured text and vision data.


The solution, that has been deployed with an over 98% success rate, has helped reduce the organisation’s turnaround time by more than 95%, reducing workload of manual agents, who have been re-deployed to other tasks requiring skilled labour. The solution has been deployed at scale to ensure that volume surges expected by NSDL are taken care of smoothly, without the need to hire and train additional forces of manpower.


AmyGB has deployed it’s omni channel document processing platform on NSDL premises for reading customer queries via e-mail, storing, reading and tagging attached documents, categorising emails into specific categories, fetching data from CRM systems using APIs and automatically drafting responses to customer queries.