September 9, 2022

VisionERA breaks Entry Barrier with $0 Invoicing

Customers raving about VisionERA's new approach of $0 invoicing. Read more to understand what makes this special.

For years organizations have been struggling to drive returns on their investments as they pay for technology without achieving the outcomes. 

AmyGB has now flipped this issue on its head by adopting Outcome Based Pricing. $0 invoicing till we deliver the outcomes

So how are our customer contracts spelled out on VisionEra:

  • AmyGB will raise the first invoice on $1Mn client savings
  • AmyGB will raise the first invoice on 30% faster customer onboarding.
  • AmyGB will raise the first invoice on 2% CSAT improvement.
  • AmyGB will raise the first invoice on the first FTE reduction.

*A red cherry on top, no implementation fees with a long-term view for all our customers.

Isn’t this a HUGE risk for AmyGB?

Absolutely not! We believe in our platform and its capabilities.

By absorbing the upfront risk, we are investing in our relationship and growth of our customers. We are ensuring our clients realize benefits first and pay later for technology. 

People new to VisionERA, It's an Intelligent Document Processing platform. VisionERA is designed and developed to handle any and every form of transactional document. Whether it is an Invoice or Bills of lading, the platform extracts data from these documents, verifying and consolidating with internal/external sources before passing it on to downstream business applications like Accounts Payables etc.

Here are some of the features that makes VisionERA a worthy addition:

  • Zero 3rd party dependencies (everything is built in-house)
  • Industry agnostic (design to identify/classify any document)
  • Smart AI engine (can quickly learn new formats of document with human’s assistance)
  • Workflow (customize to your business rule)
  • Integrations (can integrate with any ecosystem)
  • Insight board (Adoption and ROI metrics)

Who should try out VisionERA?

Since we are industry agnostic, there are only a couple of factors that determine the fitment.

  1. Are you spending a lot of Man-hours processing documents?
  2. Is it costing your growth?

If your answer is Yes, then you should get in touch with us TODAY!

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