VisionERA for Manufacturing

Almost every other industry relies on the manufacturing sector in some or the other way. Hence, the importance of the manufacturing industry cannot be denied.

However, this industry still faces problems such as spiraling costs, and redundant business practices. All these factors combined together scream for an automated document processing platform for this industry.

VisioERA IDP platform has been built for manufacturing organizations to help them improve agility and improve operations across the value chain. 

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Use cases

Proposal Management

Eliminate manual management of proposals and digitize extraction of key metrics such as source of supply, costs involved, etc.

Lead Gathering

Automate lead gathering efforts and tap into potential opportunities by discovering insights on aspects such as lead source, region, type of lead, etc.

Invoice Processing

Extract data points from invoices and integrate the extracted details in the Accounts Payable (AP) management system for faster processing of details such as quantity , unit price, total amount, etc.

Change Request Management

Gather automated insights from change request documents and get insights on factors such as item number, item name, etc.

Documents VisionERA can Process

Streamline your supply chain operations, accelerate order processing, meet production goals and fulfill orders with quality data at your fingertips with VisionERA’s intuitive document processing capabilities.

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  • Invoice Processing Forms
  • Order Form Processing Documents
  • Vendor Onboarding Documents
  • Change Request Forms
  • Production Proposal Forms
  • Sales order Forms
  • Lead Gathering Forms
  • EXIM documents
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Records
  • Standard Operating Procedure Documents