Business continuity through maximum automation  #Covid19  #TheShowMustGoOn


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Business continuity through maximum automation  #Covid19  #TheShowMustGoOn

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Fueled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, featuring three powerful capabilities, our automated customer communication engine, ERA24x7, offers you a very real glimpse of the future of customer relationship management through its ability to create personalized customer experiences at scale.

Above all, the emphasis is on using Deep learning and Neural Networks for solving complex business problems on unstructured text and vision data, to create a powerful tool that synergizes with human efforts to build productivity and efficiency in in various business processes across industries

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Fly Smart

Our Offerings

MailEra 2.0

  • End to end email automation tool that reduces human dependency with great accuracy
  • Resembles human-like behaviour in understanding large unstructured emails and identifying customer intent
  • Advanced neural networks deployed to understand customer query and respond automatically with 100% resolution
  • Boosts customer experience by reducing response time by more than 98% with unparalleled quality
  • Increases organization productivity by at least 300%


  • Superior, human-like cognitive capabilities that allow it to process multiple queries simultaneously
  • Steep learning curve that produces great accuracy from the first day
  • Eases customer query input by autocompleting sentences
  • Allows customer to resolve 80% queries at point of contact by replicating process workflows at the customer front end


    • Captures data from printed as well as handwritten documents with best in the world accuracy
    • It is a format and template agnostic solution that can extract data from unseen formats as well
    • Automates a significant component of cognitive work, increasing operational efficiency

Client's Speak

Mrunal Fernandes

Our repeat emails have reduced by 5%

Customer happiness is at the fore front of everything we do at RGI. Engaging with AmyGB has been a great decision, as their unique AI solutions have tremendously helped improve productivity and taken Customer Experience to an altogether new level. Our repeat email volume has reduced by 5% and our FTR accuracy stands at 95%. It has been a wonderful experience working with AmyGB, and are already engaging them for several other crucial projects within RGI.

Mrunal Fernandes

-Associate Segment Head – Customer Service, Reliance General Insurance
Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

The Product is Really impressive

The quality of the research done in the area of unstructured text & vision by AmyGB is truly impressive, and the product offering has real potential for impact. They have an excellent team that whole heartedly puts their mind into understanding your business challenges, and deriving innovative solutions to solve them. One of their products, MailERA, has helped us treat every customer like royalty. To see such brilliant research beginning in the area of unstructured text in India is exciting.

Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

-Chief Business Officer, Mahindra Integrated Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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