We are AmyGB

A hard core AI research company at heart, we have always believed in building products that solve real world problems using advanced technology such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing.

Using Proprietary AI Technology with zero Third Party dependency, our products are set to revolutionise document heavy business processes, by streamlining multiple channels using a combination of IDP, ML & NLP, so as to deliver end-to-end process automation for our clients, not restricted to closing the communication loop with e-mail and chat as well.

We believe in a future that is completely digitised, moving towards a paper free, efficient, intelligent processes built to maximise human potential and place them where they are meant to be - at the heart of innovation. We believe in a world where humans would master the intellectual space, leaving mundane processes to computers and machines.

After all, isn’t that what they have been built for?



The birth of AmyGB, with 3 co-founders, and a belief in a world where machines empower humans to achieve maximum potential


Launch of AmyGB’s first product that mesmerised customers with a first of it’s kind, completely integrated, end-to-end e-mail automation system. And also our first client implementation! Added 5 team members


In midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we pivoted our customer offerings scaling our Computer Vision capabilities to a full fledged Intelligent Document Processing platform. We grew to a 20+ member team with 10+ happy customers, ending the year with a profound growth plan and strategic repositioning

Team, Culture and Values

At AmyGB, we believe in building a strong core, focused on an innovation and research driven culture. We encourage our teams to think outside the box, with complete freedom to try, fail and re-invent, and to constantly experiment with trying and nurturing new skills.

AmyGB's Core Competencies