VisionERA is enabling Logistics Industry as True Partners

One thing that is common among market leaders in Logistics & Supply chain is their efficiency.

They rely on Data & Process efficiency to ensure there are no delays in turn around times or meetings leading to high Customer Satisfaction.

If you break it down, it comes to how effortlessly is the hand-offs happening and documents play a big role.

VisionERA can make a real difference here.
We make Document Processing a no-brainer for you.
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Use cases

Delivery Receipts

Say goodbye to colossal amounts of delivery receipts that require manual intervention at every step. Leverage VisionERA IDP to digitize documents, extract relevant information and take business critical decisions without the hassle of getting over burdened with piles of delivery receipts .

Bills of Lading

Take the first step towards automating your supply chain operations by eliminating manual processing of Bills of Lading. Backed by powerful AI and ML capabilities, VisionERA IDP helps logistics companies ensure complete process transparency while helping them innovate and expand easily.

Custom Clearance

Deploy VisionERA IDP and take away the unnecessary heavy lifting that is involved in manual processing of custom documents. Built on a three pronged approach of Decode-Decipher and Decide, VisionERA can help your organization get better at back office processing of custom documents while empowering you to enhance workflows between fleet, warehouses and company offices and build faster supply chain operations.

Packing List and slips

Manual ways of extracting data from documents such as packing lists and slips can prove to be error prone and expensive. VisionERA’s unique computer vision technology helps organizations eliminate errors and save costs while helping them drive efficiency and growth across the organization.

Documents VisionERA can Process

Logistics being a doc-heavy industry there are various sets of documents and listing all of them is incredibly hard.

However, here are a few document categories that VisionERA handles on a regular basis.

VisionERA is design to handle any and all new formats. So if you do not see your document category in the list, do schedule a quick call with us.

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  • Bills of Lading
  • Delivery Receipts
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Waybills
  • Shipping instructions
  • Custom clearance
  • Remittance request
  • Driver notes
  • Packaging list & slips
  • Certificate of origin