VisionERA for BFSI

The BFSI industry has been known to generate large amounts of documents such as bank statements, cheques, remittances, online bank forms, credit applications, etc. This makes data processing tough and time consuming. 

VisionERA has been developed for aiding the BFSI industry to  accelerate it’s document processing needs. Using our platform, BFSI companies can extract, process and interpret data from various BFSI documents with a high accuracy rate. 

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Use cases

Mortgage Processing Forms

Do away with manual processing of mortgage documents and automate data processing and extraction from mortgage documents to uncover information such as borrower name, SSN, employment information, purpose of loan, total assets and liabilities, loan amount, etc.

Account Opening Documents

Gather information from account opening documents and extract required key fields such as date of birth, SSN, taxpayer identification number, etc.

Customer Risk-Profiling Forms

Capture details from documents such as questionnaires to unlock data such as name, annual salary, customer location, etc.

Account Closure Forms

Automate account closure by extracting data from related forms and initiate the account closure process by getting insights on SSN, address, date of birth etc.

Documents VisionERA can Process

Improve your customer service by streamlining and automating daily operations such as account openings, credit card, and loan applications.

Provide quicker response times for customer onboarding, credit, and loan applications. Discover and understand the behavior of your customers while understanding the business processes at every step with our smart and intuitive document processing capabilities. 

Transform your incoming documents and communication into actionable data for your processes today.

Get in touch with us if you feel your document is missing on the list!

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  • Financial Report Consolidation
  • Cost Allocation
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation
  • Variance Analysis
  • E-mail response management
  • Supporting documentation
  • Medical exam questionnaires
  • Claims processing Documents
  • Hospital Bills and Discharge summaries