VisionERA is enabling Retail Industry as True Partners

The retail industry is flooded with numerous documents such as sales orders, supplier invoices, dispatch notes, etc.

These documents can vary in nature and require accurate manual processing on a daily basis which can be slow, error prone and expensive. 

VisionERA has been  purpose built to help your  retail organization reduce this manual work and process documents with less manual effort.

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Use cases

Purchase Order

Detect key fields on purchase orders and extract relevant details such as order number, order date, ship to and bill to addresses, line items, etc.

Purchase Receipt

Discover key metrics from purchase receipts such as Vendor ID, product batch number, receipt date, etc.

Driver Log Management

Extract relevant information such as drivers' contact details, vehicle registration information, the mileage of specific trips, and more.

Inventory Management

Glean insights into inventory management documents and extract information such as product categories, product prices, name, dimensions, product codes,etc.

Documents VisionERA can Process

Bridge the consumer-retailer gap, improve customer experiences and glean insights in your retail data with us as we help you extract customer insights for email marketing campaigns to speed up purchase order processing.

Discover our document processing capabilities for your retail documents now.

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  • Proof of Delivery Management
  • Customs Declaration Form Management
  • Bill of Lading Management for CPG
  • Driver Log Management
  • Maintenance Log Management
  • Category and Catalog Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Retail Invoice Management
  • Payment Ledger Management
  • Inventory Management