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The Next Big Thing in ChatBot Automation

With more and more businesses adopting AI-powered chatbots, the ways of interaction are revamping rapidly. Here is the update on the next big things in terms of chatbot automation.

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With advancements in technological innovations, businesses are undergoing rapid changes with the advent of renewed opportunities. Swift mechanization is enabling a seamless operational framework with simplified solutions to aid revenue while amplifying customer satisfaction.

Businesses need infrastructure that would make every customer seen, heard, and prioritize their needs throughout the buyers’ journey. Tools like live chat enable organizations to detect potential customers, organize data, engage with buyers, nurture leads and improve customer relationships. It has been well-established that chatbots are going to define the future of customer service. As chatbot transforms itself from being mere user-based inquiries to an advanced analytical tool rendering real-time conversation and prediction, aligning businesses’ with this platform would deliver sustained customer engagement.

Chatbots- The Doorway to Modern Connections

According to Gartner, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a mainstream customer experience investment in the next couple of years”. Almost 47% of organizations will adopt chatbots for customer care and virtual assistants. These conversational bots are effective and functional virtual AI systems with the ability to drive interaction through voice and texts.

Chatbots are also becoming more proficient in processing diverse documents to decode unstructured data and derive better business insights. Chatbots are evolving as one of the most powerful tools for conversational service automation performing the function of virtual agents. The AI-powered technology aids the bots to decipher, extract the intent and resolve a vast number of customers’ queries.
Artificial intelligence has introduced a renewed mode of communication for buyers and businesses. These bots are flexible, enabling automation in business communications. By leveraging technologies like machine learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the bots extract, interpret, and resolve queries faster than ever with minimum human intervention.


Automation: Revamping the ways of communication with Transformative Growth

Automation through chatbots is driving transformative growth in businesses. Chatbots are software programs with pre-set answers, built to simulate human conversation through the chat interface. The adoption of automation and ML facilitates these bots to complete actions through trained algorithms and pre-defined triggers.

AI-powered chatbots combining conversational user interface, database, and application layers, are emerging as the next big thing in chatbot automation. On the surface, these bots leverage the benefits of rule-based bots to provide predefined answers to simulate an interactive FAQ experience. Experts formulate a decision tree with predefined rules which trigger responses.
The intelligence facilitates a continuous learning process from each interaction and adapts itself to unique use cases. Through automation and ML, the bot trains itself to perceive specific phrases that trigger a response to tackle repetitive queries. The delivery gets better with time.
Besides automating responses to repetitive questions, AI-powered bots are being integrated into the workforce management system. This logic enables the bots to collect data through API integration and access human agents to escalate complex queries. Leveraging the benefits of rule-based and intelligent chatbots, AI-enabled bots independently solve intellectually complex users’ queries by contextualizing the conversation with previous data, remembering the past engagement thus understanding the customers better. Proprietary technologies like NLP and ML aids to revamp traditional means of communication with more natural human-like interactions through intelligent bots.
The inherent algorithms create a unique hierarchical structure in the database which enables the bot to provide faster and accurate responses by creating patterns for each type of question. The bots’ neural network is supported by past conversational data which enables bots to generate an automated response loop. Through live interactions, the neutral networks further train the bots’ machine learning model.
The artificial neural network renders the bots more efficient and effective by contextualizing customers’ data and the expected response. Neural networks break down the sentences into words, thereby understanding the intent and facilitating the bot to adapt and provide a more personalized and accurate response in a human-like manner.

The Outlook of Chatbot Automation Trend 2021

As chatbots become more intuitive, these are some of the major chatbot automation trends of 2021.

1. Data privacy is crucial to ensure seamless bot-human interaction. Capturing only relevant data and ensuring its security through adequate measures, is the foremost strategy.

2. Through NLP, AI-powered bots are leveraging predictive analytics and sentiment analysis. These are facilitating deeper customer insight, resolving queries in minutes by decoding the intent.

3. The intuitive chatbot platforms are becoming increasingly interactive, gathering profound user insight. These practices are in a way, used to train the interface through sentiment analysis to perform more human-like capabilities. Sentiment analysis is crucial to understand the customers’ emotions, enabling prompt human intervention for an overall delightful customer experience.

4. Businesses are leveraging the omnichannel chatbot contact center to offer a faster resolution, streamline the experience, identifying queries and purpose, and improving customer experience through behavioral prediction.

5. One of the major chatbot trends is the automated payment options through bots. Businesses are welcoming automated payments through AI-powered bots for instant results and improved customer satisfaction.

The Major Benefits of Chatbot Automation

Chatbots are undoubtedly the most calibrated interaction framework supplementing the efforts of the human workforce. Through AI, bots comprehend customers’ inquiries and draft suitable responses with an underlying logic. Bots also communicate with third-party APIs to retrieve information and provide a comprehensive solution to the queries.

With plenty of benefits, Bots are becoming integral for a successful business campaign. Here are some of the prime impetus for the development of intuitive, conversational AI-powered bots.

1. Enhanced Process Efficiency with Quick Turnaround:

Manual mapping of Diagnosis to corresponding ICD codes is an intensely laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone activity, mostly demanding the skill of medical practitioners. Intelligent Document Processing platforms are built to scale, capable of processing hundreds of documents at a time, thus significantly increasing process throughput. Machine learning algorithms train themselves by creating patterns from data, to ensure minimized risk of error. Besides, it can free up significant skilled resources to focus on core business activities or tasks requiring the skill of qualified manpower.

- Customer Support Beyond Work Hours:

Bots provide prompt resolutions to customers’ queries 24/7, working beyond defined work hours. With Deep Learning, the next-gen bots can learn in the background while addressing queries.

- Handling Countless Queries to Maintain TAT :

AI-powered bots are built to handle countless queries. Gone are those days when volume surges compromised the TAT promise. With the inception of next-gen bots, multiple queries can be addressed simultaneously, with reduced waiting time and human-prone errors.

- AI-enabled Self Learning Capabilities:

With the advancement in ML, the bots are infused with self-learning capabilities that enable bots to improve their performance and knowledge based on live interactions, thus providing improved accuracy with time.

- Minimum Human Intervention:

The deep network models are capable of self-learning their algorithms, thus becoming more proficient in handling intellectually complex issues. By adapting based on customers’ answers, reactions, the bots adapt and continue to improve their accuracy resulting in minimum human intervention.

- Guaranteed Consistency without Errors:

Often due to volume spikes, negligence can lead to grave human-prone errors. The intelligent bots make no room for such errors as providing wrong information or tagging inaccurately. They are built to scale by feeding critical information which ensures guaranteed accuracy.

Understand Customers' Need with Chatbot Automation

Chatbots are instrumental in gathering and analyzing customer data. It boosts customer loyalty while automating routine work. AI-powered chatbots transform the customer experience and the contact center by augmenting conversational experience, empower users to close and open loops. Chatbots are emerging as the most innovative innovations performing the role of the virtual assistant, significantly impacting customers’ journey. In the coming days, automation in chatbots will further strengthen its operations, enabling further innovations.

Innovation and go hand in hand. Our intuitive AI-powered, chatbot platform Assisted Closure leverages proprietary technologies like Intelligent Document Processing, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing that integrate seamlessly with the workforce interface. Features like omnichannel messaging support, sentiment analysis deliver accurate automated responses that transform traditional business communications. It is built to understand conversation context, rendering an enhanced customer experience with an accurate response every single time.

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