August 12, 2022

How VisionERA’s AI Document Processing Technology is ahead of its contemporaries?

VisionERA is AmyGB’s flagship AI document processing solution. While there are so many Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendors out there, how tall does it stand in comparison? And how is it better…that remains a question. This article will talk about its effectiveness and why it is the solution you need!

Data-entry, document processing, and data validation are synonymous to any industry today. With each task that is undertaken- from customer onboarding to a service's final delivery, there are loads of processes that require document processing needs. While a couple of years ago this wasn’t a reality, today we have solutions to make the ordeal completely autonomous.

VisionERA IDP platform offers eccentric features and capability to provide end-to-end document automation for organizations that rely on manual document processing. It evolves and gets smarter with each use besides having a load of other features.

But how can we say it's better?

We have spent a considerable amount of time and research to make VisionERA better and more competitive than our contemporaries. Being the latest solution, it has been designed and optimized concurrently to the current efficiency and performance standards of the market.

Why Choosing an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Platform essential from a Business Perspective?

Deciding and having an AI document processing solution onboard can be two different things. The solution does bring a lot of value onto the table. But every organization has its own challenges. For example:

  • Tons of data to process on a daily basis.
  • Incoherent documents with different fonts, sizes, structure, templates, etc i.e. unstructured documents.
  • Incomprehensible images to process such handwritten scanned documents, images with noise, no gridlines, etc.
  • Multiple nodes of consecutive processes.
  • Different formats of documents: Doc, PDFs, JPEG etc.
  • Multiple use cases requiring custom workflows.
  • Effective bucketization of the data.
  • Need of user-ready data.
  • Data security.
  • Smart insights for different departments.

From the points mentioned above, one can estimate the need of an automated document processor i.e. scalable, flexible, customizable, and intelligent. While VisionERA is a finished product in every sense, we do provide assistance for large enterprises to different industries and domains across the globe. Although in that case, the first step for organizations is to decide the point of application or the use case. Also, choosing a service with caution is essential considering it should fit your requirements and budget.

VisionERA’s Metrics - Performance, Efficiency, & more

Every technology has its own metrics, likewise, an AI document processing solution can also be categorized to justify its efficiency and performance. Currently, there are multiple services that are providing IDP solutions. Some of them are dedicated while others offer it as an additional service.

Aside from the features onboard, we have mentioned key metrics to evaluate VisionERA’s performance in real-life:

  • Accuracy: With its effective processing unit, VisionERA removes any sort of distortion from the documents uploaded at hand. This particularly entails handwritten documents and uploaded images from handheld devices such as a smartphone. VisionERA fixes blurry images, sharpens them, reconciles tilt, mends uneven shadow conditions etc. to extract info with zero error. This model has helped us achieve accuracy of 99% or more while processing docs for extraction. It is benefitting our clients with monotonous yet important tasks such as data-entry.
  • Automation: Automation of any AI document processing unit depends on the use case at hand. This can vary over time and with deep learning, it is likely to improve day upon day. One of our platform automated 35-45% within 14 days where the use case was considerably complex. While with another system, we were able to achieve automation between 92%-93% initially. If we look at the first case, our platform is performing between 50%-55% after 1.5 months of usage processing 1.6 million copies in the process.It is likely to go higher within 75%-80% range in the coming time as promised. The factor at hand for automation is the complexity defined and the exception that can only be handled manually. Our system passes it onto for manual intervention without feeding any faulty data to the loop.
  • Speed: Our system is 20X faster then any traditional document processing technology. With one of our clients, VisionERA completed their 24hrs of work within 4 hrs. This has allowed them to utilize their workforce in a more effective manner. And have helped them reduce considerable size from 15 to 2 employees for the same.
  • Agility in Integration: VisionERA integrates seamlessly with your current infrastructure. Complete with all the custom layers, it can be deployed in less than an hour with full-fledged functionality.
  • Ability to Adapt/Custom Solutions: VisionERA offers DIY drag-n-drop option. So you can tailor the entire experience to your suiting. Beyond this, VisionERA boasts of a custom DIY workflow. It allows the user to create new workflows as per the requirements and offers the capability to modify the existing ones. One of our telecom clients operated in isolated areas. This meant the network strength required for processing the document real-time wasn’t adequate. We assisted them and divided their entire work in batches and utilized parallel processing to provide them with real-time solutions. With VisionERA, not only you get a solution that is adaptable but a team in the background that supports you.
  • Platform Independence & Nativity: Our solutions sit on your cloud infrastructure making it a SaaS based solution. This allows the platform independence and nativity required to access it from anywhere.
  • Downstream Apps Integration: A major issue that most organizations face is compatibility with current infrastructure. VisionERA can integrate with any of your upstream/downstream apps. It could be a SAP service, CRMs, mails, legacy systems etc. Our platform can connect to any of these applications and feed data directly to the DMS system or the central repository or database.
  • Big Clients: Our solution is well-suited for any big enterprise with heavy document-driven processes. Right now, we have clients like ICICI Lombard, Reliance Religare, Airtel, Writer Corporation etc. taking benefits from our deployed system. We are credible and dependable enough to provide large-scale solutions with least turnaround time.
  • After-Sale Support: A product is as good as its after-sale support. Our work requires constant tussle with the issues coming at hand and optimisation to improve the deployed system day-by-day. Much of the learning is done by the system via machine learning and deep learning. But for the rest, we are always on our toes to bring a smile to our client’s face.
  • Security: The whole application is secured using SSL. We also don’t share any on-premises data with any outside parties. Besides this, the entire platform is designed and created in-house utilizing proprietary advanced technologies so our architecture ensures maximum protection against external intrusion.
  • Competitive Pricing: We understand that every process even in a big-enterprise runs on a fixed budget. This is why VisionERA is priced competitively in comparison to any of its contemporaries. We want to make sure that our clients get the best at the most affordable price without creating a hole in your funds.

Final Words

VisionERA in its space is a one-stop solution for any enterprise empowering their AI document processing needs. It offers cutting edge technology with exceptional features like easy integration, upstream/downstream application compatibility, smart insights board, custom DIY workflow etc. Alongside the system is powered via AI and deep learning algorithms that give it self-learning capabilities. With the team of VisionERA, you will get an unmatched pricing and unfathomable business solution experience. We intend to make your entire workflow autonomous and have creative & capable minds to perform the feat with ease.

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