October 17, 2022

How to Automate the Process of Data Extraction from Forms?

In today’s day and age in order to extract data from forms requires automated data extraction tools due to ongoing challenges. Learn more details how you can make that happen

Do you have a lot of documents, including forms, to process? Are you also looking for ways to extract data from your forms seamlessly? Finding the right solution needn’t be a challenge. We bring you this article to help you extract the relevant information from forms within minutes.


What is Meant by Data Extraction from Forms?

Data extraction from forms is the process of extracting information from a form. Manual methods of data extraction have become redundant as technology is here to automate this mundane task. Forms should be digital to allow data extraction tools to work on them.


A data extraction tool, usually backed by AI and ML algorithms, can decipher and decode the data to extract relevant information. One of the most common examples of data extraction from forms is invoices. A related document processing tool will capture the essential information from the invoice to simplify the process and save time for everyone.


Challenges in Extracting Data from Forms

Data extraction from forms is a complex task. Here are some of the most common problems:


Lack of Training

Unstructured data from free-form text boxes or rich text areas can be challenging for algorithms to interpret correctly due to the lack of structure within the text itself. For example, content within tables and lists can vary widely.


Varied Templates and Designs

There are different types of templates for forms like simple text or multi-page documents with text, images, and tables. The design and layout of these forms vary greatly depending on their purpose and use cases. It thus becomes difficult for the algorithms to work on such forms.


Table Extraction

Extraction of data from tables is a task that is difficult for algorithms. The main problem is that it involves a lot of processing, and it is not easy to extract data from a table if there are missing values since the algorithms have to decide how to handle such missing values.


Data Security

If you're working with sensitive data, you need to be sure that it's kept safe and accessible only to those who should have access.


Traditional Methods of Data Extraction from Forms

Manual data extraction from forms gets accomplished with manual data entry. The system can help when the amount of data is small and the organization has a limited budget. However, the process can also be error-prone and time-consuming. Both these aspects will affect your revenue in the long run. One of the better ways of extracting data from forms is with the help of an automated data extraction platform.


Cases of Data Extraction from Forms

Here are various scenarios of data extraction from forms.


Table Cell Detection

Table cell detection is a technique used by algorithms to find cells within tables and extract their contents. The first step in this process is finding all of the tables on the form. After that, it is just a matter of extracting their content.


Checkbox Identification

Checkboxes are used in forms to allow users to select multiple options from a group in a single field. Most forms have checkboxes, making it vital to have algorithms that can detect those checkboxes and extract the information within them.


Techniques of Data Extraction from Forms

Here are the different techniques you can use to extract data from forms.


Rule-based Data Extraction

It's a method of extracting information from a document using rules that apply to it. These rules can be applied to elements such as text boxes or to the entire page itself.


Form Data Extraction using OCR

The process usually involves scanning the documents into a system and using OCR to convert the images into text. The resulting text is then useful for further processing.


LayoutLM Model

LayoutLM model offers advanced capabilities for data extraction by performing a range of tasks. Besides working on documents on varied types like receipts and forms, it also helps with document classification.


Extract Data from Forms Seamlessly with VisionERA

VisionERA is an advanced AI-based platform that helps you extract relevant data from forms within minutes. It is an easy-to-use solution that will redefine the way you process information. The VisionERA algorithms allow you to extract data from forms and prepare them for further processing.


The platform supports batch processing, which means you can process multiple files at once. VisionERA provides an intuitive interface that will allow you to get going within no time. Moreover, it comes with a performance-based pricing structure. You only need to pay when you start getting results.

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