July 4, 2022

4 Reasons Why Every Healthcare Business must Adopt Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) System

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) comes with several benefits for healthcare organizations. Here are four reasons you cannot miss it.

Healthcare providers face a major challenge in efficiently extracting information from documents without wasting resources like time. Manual methods of collecting, sorting, and organizing medical data are inefficient and time-consuming. The healthcare industry has been trying to accomplish these tasks with traditional technology that lacks powerful information analysis capabilities, leading to duplication of efforts, missing records, and poor turnaround time.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has emerged as a potential solution to solve these problems with its ability to understand the meaning of the written word. IDP introduces a new paradigm shift in the world of information management that challenges traditional ways of doing business by automating multiple workflows.

This article looks at everything you need to know about IDP and how it can benefit your healthcare organization.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for Healthcare Industry

IDP makes it easy to digitize documents, process them, and store them in a repository. This can help in many ways, including reducing overhead costs, improving customer service, and increasing productivity.

Let’s look at each benefit of IDP for healthcare organizations in detail.

Reduced Costs

IDP systems can significantly reduce the costs associated with the manual processing of paper documents. This means less time spent on each document, which translates into lower labor costs and more time for other work. Your employees can work on other important activities that contribute to revenue.

Improved Customer Service

An efficient IDP system helps you provide better service to your customers by making it easier to find information quickly and accurately. You will be able to offer faster answers to questions about claims or other procedures, which can make all the difference when someone's health is at stake.

Increased Productivity

With an IDP system in place, your employees will spend less time searching for documents and more time working on other tasks that are important for the organization's success. They will not get burdened with redundant tasks that kill productivity.

How Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Simplifies Healthcare Operations?

Here are various ways through which IDP helps healthcare institutions.

Patient onboarding

IDP helps healthcare organizations with patient onboarding by providing a streamlined, efficient process that ensures consistency in the collection of necessary information and documents. You can also use IDP to manage your entire workflow from a single location, streamlining your business processes while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

The first step in the IDP process is capturing the data necessary for establishing a new patient account. This can include demographic information such as name, address, phone number, and birth date. There will also be insurance information like plan type, coverage limit, and carrier ID. The payment information can include credit card numbers.

The second step is validating this data against existing records in your database to ensure accuracy before moving with onboarding new patients. The third step is creating a patient profile that includes using the data collected during step one plus adding medical history. IDP comprehensively automates the extraction, analysis, and recording of these details.

Medical billing

One of the challenges with healthcare organizations is dealing with the sheer volume of paperwork. This can be especially difficult with medical billing as there are different bills and claims for processing.

IDP is a valuable resource for healthcare organizations looking to improve their medical billing. It automates the processing of paper documents, allowing for increased accuracy and faster turnaround time.

IDP offers an efficient way to process medical documents without sacrificing accuracy. By utilizing IDP, you will be able to reduce your costs while maintaining a high level of accuracy in your billing processes.

Medical coding

IDP helps healthcare organizations with advanced medical coding. IDP does this by scanning, analyzing, and understanding all the documents in a healthcare organization's workflow. It then automatically matches each document to a code depending on the requirements of your organization and government regulations.

It is especially useful for organizations that want to comply with strict regulations like HIPAA, which requires them to keep accurate and secure records of all patient data. Absence of automation makes it difficult to remember the different medical codes that can pose challenges during patient care.

Patient record management

IDP helps healthcare organizations with patient record management by automating the different processes. It reduces the time taken to create and update records and ensures that the correct information is always available.

IDP also helps healthcare organizations keep track of the different types of documents they have in their system. It does this by offering a library of scanned documents. This can also be done by assigning metadata tags based on each document's content and purpose.

It becomes much easier for staff members who may want to look for something specific to complete a task, like updating someone's identity card or medical record. The other benefit of using IDP is that it allows hospitals and other medical facilities to store files digitally instead of paper sheets or folders inside filing cabinets where they may get lost or damaged over time.

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