August 23, 2022

Automated Mortgage Processing: Faster Processing with VisionERA!

Learn how AI can help ease the process of mortgage processing & improve overall efficiency.

In the coming five years, US banks will devote one-third of their IT expenditures to improving their digital presence. As the mortgage sector modernizes, technology will play a key role. As a result of the startling increase in non-traditional lenders, mortgage lenders need to implement methods for allowing a mortgage to be closed on time. The use of mortgage automation systems can speed up the loan lending process. In this blog, we have provided a few well-researched tips for improving your mortgage process with automation.

What is Mortgage Processing?

Mortgage processing is the process of acquiring, reviewing, and processing mortgage applications. It is distinct from the sale of mortgages, which we discuss in the next section. A mortgage application is an application for real estate, as opposed to a loan application. A mortgage application takes the homeowner through an entire process of assessment, approval, and final approval. It includes the approval of the lender for the loan amount, the borrower’s mortgage credit, and their name change to a mortgagee.

What is Mortgage Process Automation?

Mortgage Process Automation is the automation of a number of different aspects of homebuyer’s and seller’s processes. These aspects can range from closing and negotiation to appraisals, inspections, and final approvals. These types of processes are essential to getting a deal in any type of transaction and can make or break the sale. But, even in the best of circumstances, there will always be times when one aspect of the entire process doesn’t work the way it should. This can be the case, for example, when one of the parties forgets to sign a contract or when a detailed inspection report is impossible to prepare. With Mortgage Process Automation, the parties to the transaction can take part in everything from quick confirmations to long-term reviews. They can also check in with the automated system periodically to make sure everything is working properly. Mortgage process automation, also known as robotic process automation (RPA), can assist in addressing these issues by employing cutting-edge software routines to streamline their operating procedures.

What is RPA and How Does it Work?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technique for designing, deploying and managing software robots that mimic human movements. In the same way that humans are capable of grasping what's on a screen, typing correctly, navigating systems, retrieving data, and performing a variety of prescribed tasks, software robots can do a similar thing. While humans are capable of performing the task faster, software robots can do it more reliably without having to take breaks or stretch. Automating mortgage processes facilitates the preparation and presentation of loan documents, internet transactions, and other business processes. As a result, by locating an RPA opportunity in mortgage banking, you can streamline your paper-intensive mortgage loan closure, delivery, and packing process.

It is considerably safer to use this type of robotic process automation for mortgage services because it communicates with different IT systems at the GUI level instead of at the system level. As a result of its capability to interact with your current loan origination system or other legacy technology, it is capable of navigating and doing activities just like a human, but in a much more efficient and error-free manner. Basically, it works this way: Data arrives at the computer program via the Internet. The program receives the data and prepares it for processing. The computer program uses the data to make informed decisions. Decision-Making is the application of business rules and algorithms to the data and the data reception. Decision-Making with AI and Deep Learning uses neural networks to make informed and sensor-rich decisions. Decision-Making without AI and Deep Learning is done with unsupervised learning.

How does Mortgage Process Automation Benefit you?

Although homebuyers have many choices when it comes to purchasing a home, they generally need help in deciding. Many people want to make sure that the loan terms and conditions are correct before finalizing an offer on a property. However, as is the case with any transaction, there are times when processes need to be streamlined so that final offers can be made on all properties at once. Solving this problem requires using automation technology to cut down on red tape, track transactions efficiently, and provide better customer service. It also requires bringing under control the waste that arises from routine processes. The need for mortgage process automation is great news. Here are some benefits of automating mortgage processes.

Easy to Use - With Mortgage Process Automation, you don’t need to go through the hassle of setting up separate accounts for each party in the transaction. You just need to use your online banking account to verify each account and move forward with the transaction.

Secure - With Mortgage Process Automation, you don’t need to worry about someone damaging or trying to steal your information. You can simply enter your information into the computer and then click on the ‘check-out’ button to complete the transaction.

An Orderly Substitute for the Email Inbox- To improve engagement, the finest mortgage process automation systems expand on fundamental automation features. One major feature is a central portal where borrowers may upload papers, sign disclaimers, and track the status of their loan application in real-time.

Need for Efficiency - The fact that you don’t have to spend time in the middle of a transaction is a huge benefit. With Mortgage Process Automation, you don’t have to spend time in the middle of different processes. You can just use your online banking account to verify each account and move forward with the transaction.

Increased Competitive Differentiation - It is possible for lenders to enhance loan quality while lowering expenses by using a mortgage process automation system. Additionally, it offers tools that free up time to develop long-term client ties and repeat business, assisting them in attracting and retaining top mortgage industry talent to develop deeper customer ties.

Reduced Disruptions and Delays - By evaluating applicant data to detect and surface concerns, the best mortgage process automation software may help smooth out frequent points of friction in the process. Without involving the lender, the system can detect that the document is out of date and prompt the borrower to obtain the most recent version. This reduces the possibility of human error and can shorten the time it takes to become a homeowner.

The key is to optimize the loan process in such a way that lenders' loads are reduced, allowing them to focus on higher-value operations. As a result, everyone involved in the mortgage process benefits.

How can you Automate Mortgage Documents with VisionERA IDP?

Document automation has progressed from being a one-time event or a reaction to a change in policy or regulation. It has become an essential component of practically every mortgage company, aiding in efficiency and lowering operating expenses.

VisionERA can assist you in your search for a dependable IDP solution. VisionERA is a patented automated document processing solution. Mortgage companies that utilize VisionERA see a threefold boost in productivity and a 20-fold increase in document processing. VisionERA is powered by AI-enabled insights that empower your company to make strategic and proactive decisions. VisionERA does not require any third-party dependencies because the underlying technology is totally proprietary. The constant feedback learning mechanism ensures that the tool evolves in response to the inputs from your business.

Here are Some Ways VisionERA IDP Automation Technology can Assist your Company

Enhances Accuracy

The VisionERA Intelligent Document Processing technology improves document processing accuracy by combining machine learning algorithms, data collection and analysis, and human intelligence. By using machine learning algorithms, data can be analyzed for patterns and trends that humans may not be able to see right away. Based on this information, algorithms forecast future events.

Enhances the Customer Experience

If a customer has one or two negative experiences with a brand, they are more likely to abandon it. With Vision ERA IDP technology, you can provide quick and easy access to information for your customers. There will be no waiting time for customers to receive information. It is also possible to improve client satisfaction by ensuring that data is accurate.

Scalability is Enabled

You could have hundreds of thousands of documents to process. The volume may expand further as your company grows. VisionERA IDP is a scalable solution that will boost your internal productivity and enable you to create more revenue.

Satisfies compliance

Document processing and handling necessitate adherence to local and national legislation. To decrease operational risks and provide peace of mind, VisionERA IDP solutions include compliance controls.


There are many operations in the mortgage industry that are hampered by time-consuming task lists and a lack of user-friendly technologies, making it one of the most paper-intensive sectors in the financial services sector. Lenders can utilize more modern technologies in order to address these issues. It is insufficient to simply translate digitally. A digital shine on old behaviors does not make them any less old. Digital tools can transform standardized processes and operations when they are used to reimagine them. The key to unlocking this revolution lies in mortgage workflow automation solutions.

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