June 15, 2022

Automated Data Capturing for Goods Receiving in Warehouses for Manufacturing

Manufacturing has to deal with multiple use cases related to document processing. One such use case is goods receiving for warehouses in manufacturing that receive ample amounts of paperwork for data capture, verification, and authorization. In this blog, we will briefly dive into the requirements for the process, and what VisionERA IDP has in store to make it automated.

From creating inventory orders to receiving goods and manufacturing the final product, manufacturing deals with a variety of different processes and use cases. Each of these processes offers multiple document processing operations that are frequent and recurring. Among these processes, receiving goods into a manufacturing company’s warehouse is of great importance.

The task requires multiple document verification checks and data extraction. These checks are used for auditing the consignment received and maintaining records of inventory. It is a cumbersome process that can be made faster and much more efficient using an automated document processing platform such as VisionERA Intelligent Document Processing.

Although before briefly extrapolating on the use case, it is better to have a look at the variety of documents received by the warehouses for audit, therefore, read ahead…

Documents used in Receiving Goods in Warehouse

Every document mentioned below is used for receiving goods in the warehouses. Depending upon the factor each company treats these documents, there are endless document extraction and verification operations that are performed for successfully receiving the goods and creating a final ledger. Have a look:

Lorry and Railway Receipts: These receipts are sent to the manufacturing company’s warehouse by the supplier.

Bill of Lading: These are receipts issued by the shipping companies that use the sea route. These are used for negotiations between the supplier and the manufacturing company.

Dock Warrant or Warehouse Warrant: These are transferable documents issued by the dock authorities. These are passed on to the manufacturing company’s warehouse by the supplier for goods receiving.

Warehouse Keeper’s Receipt: These are documents passed on to the warehouse keepers for acknowledgment of goods.

Delivery Order: These are orders utilized by the manufacturing companies for taking small lots from the warehouse.

Multiple other documents are associated with the task. VisionERA IDP can easily process these documents in multiple batches. The information extracted from these documents can either be produced in the form of excel sheets or it can be directly fed to the warehouse management system or any DMS utilized.

Document Processing for Goods Receiving Process in Warehouses for Manufacturing

Since we are primarily focusing on the documentation aspect of receiving goods. It can be placed in two scenarios. These are:

Before Receiving

To receive goods, it is important to complete the pre-receiving tasks. These tasks require the predetermination of the number of goods, shipping containers, and packaging requirements. Each of these tasks is documented as labeling criteria, data related to pallets loaded, and the agreed weight & size of the shipment.

To complete this task, a warehouse receiving label is attached to the shipment in the form of QR codes or barcodes. Also, all the relevant documents are passed on to the final point i.e. manufacturing company’s warehouse for pre-approvals and information interchange. The bigger task here is to pull the relevant data from each of these documents for the final audit of the consignment. Considering the number of documents created and the variety of sources they come from, VisionERA can process each of these documents, extract relevant information, verify documents with corresponding documents, and scan QR codes.

After Receiving

The final review of the goods received can be done by the logistics department of the manufacturing company. After the goods are placed in the warehouse, they are audited by the team for quantity. Once a final document is created upon audit, the data is then cross-verified with the data provided before the receiving. If everything is fine, the details are passed onto the accounts payable (AP) department for final approval of the payment from the concerned authorities.

VisionERA Intelligent Document Processing can radically speed up this process of verification in bulk. Also, it can automate the process of document processing within the AP department. VisionERA can also automate a variety of other tasks associated with data extraction and verification with much ease end-to-end.

VisionERA - Automating Documentation for Warehouse Goods Receiving for Manufacturing

VisionERA IDP is an ideal platform for automation of documentation for warehouse goods receiving use case because it can be customized as per user requirements. It is because it allows custom DIY workflows that make the process much more streamlined. It can accept batches of different documents utilized for fulfilling the audits and verify the data within the documents on the go. Also, the advanced proprietary technologies integrated such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision make it an intuitive and cognitive solution.

The platform works as a one-stop solution considering its scalable platform that can process unstructured documents from various sources in bulk. Also, it can be easily deployed within any organization’s infrastructure and can integrate easily with multiple downstream applications such as CRM, SAP, ERP, DMS, mails, and messages. etc.

Adding to it, the platform can also extract data from handwritten scanned documents and comes with smart insights boards for useful KPIs.

Final Words

Manufacturing is populated with multiple processes within itself. Adding to it, the endless documentation with high volumes, frequent cycles, and varied sources add up to the problem. In today’s day and age, no manufacturing company can optimize these operations with manual processing. Also, it leads to human-induced errors that often end up adding more time. With Vision IDP, there will be zero errors in the process of warehouse goods receiving and a drastic reduction in the time of processing as well as the cost of operation.

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