June 24, 2022

7 Intelligent Document Processing Use Cases for the Healthcare Industry

Intelligent Document Processing has several use cases for the healthcare industry. Learn more about each one in detail in this article.

The growth of automation in the healthcare industry has been remarkable in recent years. According to a research study, 90% of large healthcare institutions in 2020 already had an automation strategy in place. It was a sharp increase from just 53% a year ago.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is one of the vital technologies that is continuously contributing to automation in the healthcare automation space. But are you aware of the various ways it is helping the healthcare industry process documents smartly and at scale?

Continue reading this article as we dive deep into the various use cases of IDP for the healthcare industry.

Intelligent Document Processing for Healthcare

IDP is a powerful tool that has changed how healthcare organizations handle paper documents. It reduces the burden of paper handling from healthcare workers, who can focus on other critical tasks that require more attention.

IDP is a software program that uses a range of technologies like optical character recognition (OCR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) algorithms. Together, they scan paper documents and convert them into digital files. These files can then be stored in a cloud-based storage system or sent directly to another department for processing.

In addition to saving time and money by eliminating the need for a physical filing system, IDP also improves accuracy and security by ensuring all records are accessible at all times.

Intelligent Document Processing Use Cases for Healthcare

Here are the various Intelligent Document Processing use cases for the healthcare industry.

Patient Onboarding

Medical practitioners are often in a situation where a patient comes in with multiple documents from different providers. They have to sift through all of them to figure out what they're all about. It's time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating for medical practitioners, especially when they want to attend to other patients at the same time.

That's where Intelligent Document Processing comes in. The system automatically processes all the incoming documents, eliminating the related worries. Instead of spending hours running trying to make sense of the patients' paperwork, medical practitioners can focus on getting them well again soon.

Patient Records Management

Challenges with document management can reduce your team’s productivity by 21.3%. Intelligent Document Processing helps with patient records management by ensuring all records get stored and managed properly, reducing the chance of human errors. By allowing an efficient process for retrieving patient records, the medical staff does not have to spend time searching through hundreds of pages for the information needed.

IDP also allows for easier sharing of patient records between hospitals and other facilities where patients may consult providers throughout their journey with a particular condition or disease.

R&D Documentation

The research and development process is long and complicated. It involves several documents, and it is critical to ensure each document gets the care and attention it needs. Intelligent Document Processing provides a system for managing all the documents in one place.

It allows for better control of the flow of information from one document to another based on various rules. It is easy to organize documents by type and even tag them with keywords or metadata that describe their content. IDP is also an excellent option to start new projects by combining multiple documents into one master template for future projects.

Medical Billing

Intelligent Document Processing is a great way to ensure your medical billing is accurate, efficient, and timely. It is a way to automate and streamline the medical billing process so you can focus on what matters most—your patients' health needs.

IDP automatically identifies patient records within documents, saving you time by not requiring you to enter each field individually. It also helps improve accuracy due to incorrect or multiple records for one patient. Errors will be caught immediately by the system.

Patient Surveys

Numerous statistics show how critical it is to seek regular feedback for your services. When you're a healthcare provider, you know that the patient experience is one of the most important aspects of running your practice. In order to improve it, you need to be able to collect feedback from patients and analyze it to find gaps and areas of interest.

You can use intelligent document processing to automate the collection and analysis of patient feedback. There will be no need to analyze all the data yourself. It will save precious time and reveal rich insights, which you can use to improve your service.

Facility Information Systems

Intelligent Document Processing helps healthcare facilities manage the overwhelming amount of data they generate. In a hospital setting, there are several documents: patient information, medical records, billing records, and more. These documents need processing and storage that allows easy access later.

IDP allows for seamless document storage, which remains accessible to all stakeholders within the hospital. It becomes easier for doctors to find information about their patients quickly and efficiently. The system also allows for automated processing. No staff member needs to go through each document individually.

Clinical Trial Management

The clinical trial management process is a complex one. It involves a lot of paperwork, which can be difficult to manage. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) ensures that relevant documents remain organized in one place, eliminating worries about getting lost or misplaced.

The automated process for handling documents frees the time for the researchers to focus on their work. It also allows for a better workflow as document processing gets integrated into the rest of the system.

VisionERA for Seamless Document Processing in Your Healthcare Facility

VisionERA is the next-gen Intelligent Document Processing platform system that comes with a 100% performance guarantee. Healthcare institutions that use VisionERA process documents 20x faster and with improved accuracy. By freeing up their staff from menial tasks, healthcare institutions are able to skyrocket their productivity by 3x.

VisionERA comes with a smart HI-AI collaborative platform ideal for streamlining document processing for healthcare facilities. The continuous learning mechanism of the platform ensures it adapts quickly to your needs as you use it over time. When you save time from automating the process, it will allow you to focus more on improving your decision-making prowess.

With VisionERA’s proprietary AI technology, you can overcome traditional document processing challenges like excessive paperwork and slow completion rates. The AI-powered insights are also ideal for proactive decision-making that will lead to a substantial increase in your ROI.

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