Intelligent Document Processing Simplified with VisionERA

Whether it's an invoice or a purchase order, our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform can handle them all, becoming an indispensable tool for modern organizations, serving acrucial role in improving customer experience.

No More Manual Document Processing

Our intelligent document processing software fulfils all the needs of your organization related to managing documents and converting unstructured data to structured data. No matter what the volumes of paper documents are, our automated intelligent document processing solution can handle them all. Processing and making digital repositories of the entire business’s documents can be effectively done throug hour intelligent document processing solution.

Make Impactful Business Decisions by Harnessing the Power of Document Processing

Our plug-and-play IDP platform is AI powered and that means the platform is intelligent enough to use existing information to learn and analyze any document you can throw at it. Our automated document processing platform is built by engineers who love making ground breaking technologies. VisionERA is trained to handle the most complex documents but what makes us the best is our relentless focus on customer experience.

Features of VisionERA

Insights on usage

You get detailed analytics and reporting on document processing usage, enabling businesses to gain insights into their document processing workflows and identify areas for improvement.

Learning capability

Machine learning algorithms that continually learn and improve over time, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of document processing tasks.

 Plug and play

VisionERA integrates easily into existing workflows and systems, allowing businesses to quickly implement intelligent document processing capabilities without disrupting their existing processes.

Fraud detection

Gain access to advanced fraud detection capabilities, leveraging machine learning algorithms to identify and flag potential instances of fraud within processed documents.

Customize the workflow

Our flexible platform allows businesses to customize document processing workflows to fit their specific needs and requirements, enabling greater efficiency and accuracy in processing tasks.

IDP Insight board

Extend platform capabilities beyond data extraction to draw usage analytics on the documents ,document automation, FTE equivalent, savings, earnings through highe rthrough put, ROI and many more.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Understand Document Journey

Working with VisionERA – the agile intelligent document processing solution is super easy.
The platform is intuitive and plug-and-play.

visionera decode

Step 1: Decode

Whether it's physical, scanned ore mails our intelligent document processing platform can extract data from all sorts of sources.

Step 2: Decipher

Curate and verify the data the way you want through our intelligent document processing solution, with the sources you like, in the order you prefer.

visionera decipher
Visionera IDP

Step 2: Decipher

Curate and Verify the data the way you want, with the sources you like, in the order you prefer

visionera decide

Step 3: Decide

Integrate your tech stack with asimple click and start sharing data or other crucial information via our intelligent document processing software.

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Why should you make the most of our intelligent document processing platform?

What makes our intelligent document processing solution, VisionERA a true companion for document processing?

Intelligent Document Processing Software with Outcome-Based Pricing

We believe in delivering quality outputs through our intelligent document processing solutions. Till you start seeing satisfactory results you will only be receiving $0 invoices.

IDP That Works on Zero Third-Party Dependency

VisionERA, the ultimate intelligent document processing solutions is entirely built in-house using open-source tech, so you don't have to worry about any third-party dependencies.

 Industry Agnostic IDP Solution

For any new document type use identifiers provided in our intelligent document processing platform to point data and start processing in matter of seconds.

IDP with Custom Work Flows & Integrations

Our custom workflow of the intelligent document processing platform can quickly adapt to your business rules. Integration modules can connect to your app ecosystem seamlessly.

Intelligent Document Processing Software with Detailed Insight Board

You get a detailed insight board in our intelligent document processing platform for usage analytics on document automation, FTE equivalent, savings, earnings from higher throughput, ROI and more.

   Document Processing with the Help of Smarter AI Engine

One-shot retraining modules and recommendation engine is highly tuned in our intelligent document processing solution to self-learn and evolve as you scale.

VisionERA vs Other IDP Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions about Intelligent Document Processing

1. What is IDP?

IDP stands for Intelligent Document Processing. It's a technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically extract and understand information from documents, such as invoices, contracts, and emails. Think of it as a supercharged OCR (optical character recognition) that can not only read text but also grasp the meaning of it.

2. How does IDP work?

IDP uses a combination of technologies, including AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP), to analyze documents. It first extracts the text from the document, then uses NLP to understand the context and meaning of the text. Finally, it extracts the relevant information and stores it in a structured format, such as a database.

3. How can I get started with IDP?

Get in touch with AmyGB to know about implementing the IDP solution, and we will do it for you!

4. What types of documents can IDP process?

IDP can process a wide variety of documents, including: Invoices, Contracts, Purchase orders, Emails, Bank statements, Medical records, Legal documents, etc.

5. How much does IDP cost?

The cost of IDP can vary depending on the customizations done to meet the requirements of your business, and the volume of documents being processed. However, IDP can often be a cost-effective solution, as the savings from increased efficiency and accuracy can outweigh the cost of the technology.

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