Intelligent Document Processing simplified with VisionERA

Our plug-and-play IDP platform is AI powered and that means the platform is intelligent enough to use existing information to learn and analyze any document you can throw at it.

Ain't that amazing?

What makes VisionERA #1 IDP platform?

Our platform is built by engineers who loves making ground breaking technologies. VisionERA is trained to handle most complex documents but what makes us the best is our relentless focus on Customer Experience

Outcome Based Pricing

Why Pay for Technology when you can pay for Results? We raise a 0$ invoice till we achieve the business objectives.

This makes VisionERA adoption a no-brainer and 100% risk free.

Best Customer Experience

Our customer centric teams will do all the heavy lifting for the solution Go Live. A strong support framework  to ensure highest CSAT, greater adoption.

It's no surprise that we have 99% customer retention rates.

Seamless Integration

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Understand Document Journey

Working with VisionERA is going to super easy. The platform is intuitive and plug-and-play

visionera decode

Step 1: Decode

Whether it's Physical, Scanned or Emails we can extract data from all sorts of sources.

Step 2: Decipher

Curate and Verify the data the way you want, with the sources you like, in the order you prefer

visionera decipher
Visionera IDP

Step 2: Decipher

Curate and Verify the data the way you want, with the sources you like, in the order you prefer

visionera decide

Step 3: Decide

Integrate your Tech stack with a simple click and start share data

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VisionERA vs Traditional Tech

VisionERA provides end-to-end automation of any process that involves paperwork. This is achieved via automated processing, workflow management and one shot retraining for documents that have not met the desired quality threshold.


Traditional OCR

Insights on Usage

visionera features


Dependency on 3rd party


visionera features

Learning capability

visionera features


Plug and Play

visionera features


Fraud detection

visionera features


Customize the workflow

visionera features


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Experience VisionERA

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Did you know?

Technical Approach: Building Blocks of VisionERA
Every aspect of technical elements are built in-house. We chose this approach to provide our customers with air gapped deployments


( opencv + GAN )
Removes as much noise as possible and orient the documents

NLP Module

( graph NN )
To extract entities and link entities to each other


We cluster all the failed cases using a combination of visual features, text features

Smart samples

Our advanced search mechanisms finds similar patterns using feedback from tiny fraction of failed samples. Smarter AI in action.