Don’t let paper-based processes impact your business’s productivity!

Explore’s intelligent document processing solution – VisionERA to retrieve and organize documents by eliminating time-consuming, unproductive, and high volume of internal workflows.

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The Brainpower Behind Data Excellence

We are a leading AI research company in the world of innovation and automation that believes in a completely digitized and paper-free future. With our extensive experience and expertise, our focus is on helping businesses achieve their goals and modernize their document-heavy processes. Our core mission is to equip enterprises with tailor-made solutions for Intelligent Document Processing and API Services.

VisionERA: Your AI Companion for Cognitive Insights

VisionERAis the ultimate intelligent document processing (IDP) and data extraction solution for all types of unstructured and complex documents. Our IDP solution extracts relevant data from documents, transforms it into structured data, and enables businesses to utilize this data in a meaningful way for decision-making, analytics, and process optimization. Our SaaS-based document processing solution - VisionERA can sort through different types of documents, extract data, process documents and create a download able repository, which can be further used by organizations to level up their business growth. Intelligent Document Processing has become an indispensable tool for modern organizations, serving a crucial role in improving customer experience.

Challenges Resolved by VisionERA

Inconsistent tracking of processes within an organization’s departments
VisionERA extracts data from all process-related documents and creates a centralized repository that can be accessed by all departments. With this, you can ensure consistent tracking of department-wise processes with real-time reports, making it easy for managers to identify areas where employees need additional support.
Time-consuming manual processes
Our IDP solution extracts data and processes it, making the extracted data valuable for further operations. This reduces time from manual scanning of documents to generating intelligent document input to locate the value in the document.
Lack of custom learning options in the conventional IDP software
After analyzing individual customer’s data, you can create custom learning plans within VisionERA’s software to address each customer's queries in time.
Lack of transparency in delivering customer insights
Provide detailed reports to customers by allowing them to download it, helping them understand their growth areas.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Understand Document Journey

Working with VisionERA – the agile intelligent document processing solution is super easy. The solution is intuitive,
plug-and-play and works by following these steps:

Step 1: Decode

Whetherit's physical, scanned or emails, our intelligent document processing solutioncan extract data from all sorts of sources.

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Step 2: Decipher

Curate and verify the data the way you want through our intelligent document processing solution, with the sources you like, in the order you prefer.

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Step 3: Decide

Integrate your tech stack with a simple click and start sharing data or other crucial information via our intelligent document processing solution.

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Features of VisionERA

Insights on usage
You get detailed analytics and reporting on document processing usage, enabling businesses to gain insights into their document processing workflows and identify areas for improvement.
Learning capability
Machine learning algorithms that continually learn and improve over time, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of document processing tasks.
Plug and play
VisionERA integrates easily into existing workflows and systems, allowing businesses to quickly implement intelligent document processing capabilities without disrupting their existing processes.
Fraud detection
Gain access to advanced fraud detection capabilities, leveraging machine learning algorithms to identify and flag potential instances of fraud within processed documents.
Customize the workflow
Our flexible platform allows businesses to customize document processing workflows to fit their specific needs and requirements, enabling greater efficiency and accuracy in processing tasks.
IDP Insight board
Extend platform capabilities beyond data extraction to draw usage analytics on the documents, document automation, FTE equivalent, savings, earnings through higher throughput, ROI and many more.

Benefits of VisionERA

You should make the most of our intelligent document processing solution to

Enhanced employee
Process documents
at a faster rate
Manage data with
higher accuracy
Improve data processing workflows

Industries that benefit from our intelligent document
processing solution

Banking and Finance

Our IDP services for finance and banking are designed using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to help you automate mortgage application processing, streamline invoice processing, detect fraudulent activities, and more. Through IDP, your business can improve accounts payable efficiency, increase profitability, and enhance fraud detection accuracy.


IDP for healthcare delivers enhanced patient experience through its diverse applications in – automating patient data extraction medical records, managing insurance claims, and enhancing healthcare compliance. Speed up insurance claims processing, patient diagnosis, and organizing of regulatory documents with IDP services for healthcare.


IDP services tailored for the insurance sector enable automated claims processing, policy management, and streamlined underwriting. IDP automates and streamlines data extraction from accident reports, policy documents, and medical records to accelerate claims processing while also supporting underwriting and customer service processes.

Retail and E-commerce

IDP services for retail and e-commerce offer comprehensive solutions to optimize inventory management, enhance the customer experience, and personalize marketing efforts. Our services facilitate the efficient processing of purchase orders and invoices, automation of returns and refunds process, and delivery of tailored customer promotion strategies.


IDP services for the automotive sector optimize supply chain operations, streamline warranty management, and expedite vehicle registration. Our tailored IDP solutions enhance business efficiency through the automation of service records data extraction, order processing, order tracking, and government form processing.


Our comprehensive IDP services for the legal industry enhance efficiency through the automation of legal processes like categorizing and summarizing legal documents for case research, streamlining contract review and analysis for compliance, and simplifying the discovery process. With our array of automation solutions for the legal sector, you can free up your lawyer’s time for more important tasks.

Public Services

IDP services make it simpler and faster to modernize government operations. IDP automates citizen service requests, processing and categorizing inquiries to provide faster and more streamlined responses. Our solution improves transparency by digitizing and archiving government records and it also enhances law enforcement and public safety through the analysis of incident reports and criminal records.


IDP services for education deliver enhanced student experience through automating the enrollment process and streamlining academic records management. Our solution improves research and grant applications along with analyzing admissions documents, grades, transcripts, and more to deliver an improved experience.


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