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Insight Board

IDP Insight board is VisionEra’s true differentiator! It extends platform capabilities beyond data extraction to draw usage analytics on the documents, Document automation, FTE Equivalent, Savings, earnings through higher throughput, ROI and many more

Insight Board

The insights board is a true game changer. Go above and beyond data extraction with VisionERA and glean insights on critical business metrics such as FTE Equivalent, ROI, earnings through higher throughput and much more.

Recommendation Engine

Supported with a state of the art recommendation engine, VisionERA allows for better sampling of feedback files at a single click.

Fraud Detection module

VisionERA can detect  any unusual behavior via its smart self learning algorithm that helps find hidden patterns in documents. It learns, analyzes and tries to find similarities and dissimilarities in documents on its own as it keeps getting smart with every use.

Fraud Detection module

Uncover hidden patterns in documents and detect fraud via our smart fraud detection module that just keeps getting smarter with every use.

No Samples Required

Say goodbye to sample documents with us. VisionERA IDP is pre-trained on a variety of documents spanning across industries and domains.

Customer testimonial is a team with the right skills and the right attitude. Thanks to the brilliant IDP platform, we now see more than 60% of regular workload passing through new automation. As our relationship with team matures, we are setting more milestones to achieve together in several other areas and they will be our first choice now.

Swapnil S. Bagul
Writer Corporation, CTO

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