September 21, 2022

What is Complex Data Entry & How can AI step in?

Complex data entry is an essential part of many businesses, and it’s a task that can often be time-consuming and error-prone. With this article, we’ll explore the role of AI in data entry services in handling complex data entry and discuss its benefits, & relevant technology.

The digitization process is primarily driven by complex data entry. Basically, it involves storing information from catalogs, invoices, paper documents, and so on in software or cloud applications for later processing. This data is used for future business planning and customer service.

What is the Business Result of Complex Data Entry?

To remain competitive in the corporate market, there is a greater reliance on current technologies to optimize work operations. Unfortunately, many firms lack the capacity to maintain their data adequately due to the numerous obstacles they face when entering data. As a result, organizations frequently seek out automation firms as a solution. Here are some challenges faced by data entry teams.

Long Process Completion Times

Capturing data from photos or paper documents takes a long time, especially if the operation is done manually. It hinders the ability of commercial organizations with fewer staff members to concentrate on core operations and retain profitability.

Low Process Efficiency

The process of entering complex data manually is time-consuming. If the staff is given a large amount of work, there is always the possibility of increased errors. Access to incorrect information may result in poor business planning and customer service.

High Operational Costs

Manual complex data entry can have unforeseen implications. Human errors are a noticeable cost element connected with manual data entry. Verification of data accuracy and error repair are additional cost components that are frequently disregarded.

Poor Extraction Accuracy that's not Useful

Manual complex data entry accuracy won't ensure that the data meets all predetermined requirements, such as profiling, geocoding, linking, matching, and regular monitoring. As a result, extraction accuracy is poor, which isn't useful.

How is AI useful for Complex Data Entry?

Data entry automation has made it possible for service providers to handle larger volumes of data than ever before. By integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), data entry operators have increased labor efficiency and reduced operational costs. Let's take a closer look at how AI is transforming data input providers.

Increased Data Capture Speed

Data entry service providers can employ AI to perform intelligent data collection, which pulls data from a variety of diverse sources. Additionally, data automation techniques are used to convert the data into structured representations for data analytics tools. Using AI-enabled data capture technologies ensures that businesses can gather data from a wide range of sources while lowering the risk of human mistakes.

Simplified Guide to Data Analysis

Data and analytics were once considered separate entities before AI and ML were incorporated into data management. With the introduction of augmented analytics, data and analytics may now collaborate. Without any technical trouble or DS background, every employee may use data analytics on the same platform and run queries as needed.

Extracted Data Validation is completed more quickly

Data validation operators who utilize complex search filters have been shown to benefit from AI. By comparing the extracted data from the source with the existing data in another system, it can ensure that the information is accurate. With AI-powered search, you can discover items based on a variety of factors, including price, quantity, volume, and description. Data validation is a critical activity for preserving data quality and accuracy. With AI-integrated systems, it is possible to validate extracted data more quickly.

Improved Analytics Streaming

By implementing AI-enabled solutions, businesses can obtain accurate data in seconds through real-time streaming analytics. In addition, it helps to speed up data analysis, allowing data management resources to be allocated to more important tasks.

VisionERA IDP- Solution for Complex Data Processing

VisionERA's fully integrated document workflow automation capability can assist data entry companies in streamlining and automating paper-intensive and error-prone document workflows. VisionERA, designed by specialists to provide data accuracy and decrease errors, can assist banks in securing business important information in a short period of time while easing repetitive, document-heavy activities in their day-to-day operations while minimizing human participation.

Listed below are some of the advantages of visionERA IDP.

  •  It integrates workflow with other platforms and application dependencies.

  • Increases transparency while decreasing costs and managerial overload.

  • Improve the dependability, efficiency, consistency, and scalability of process execution.

  • It processes batch files automatically and provides information in real-time.

  • It also delivers real-time insights for better strategy formulation.

VisionERA is supported by enticing features such as bespoke DIY workflow, triangulation logic, constant feedback, and so forth. This platform may deliver end-to-end document automation for a wide range of document use cases in any sector.


Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) allow organizations to maintain flawless data quality and accuracy. With AI and machine learning, data input can be automated, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and improving data management. Data accuracy can also be enhanced with the help of VisionERA IDP, which reduces errors and consumer complaints. By integrating AI into data management systems, it is possible to simplify, automate, and optimize data quality, analytics, governance, and metadata management processes.

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