July 21, 2023

Top 10 Use Cases of Intelligent Document Processing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

According to Markets&Markets, the global intelligent document processing market size is poised to generate revenue of around $5.2 billion in 2027 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 37.5% from 2022 to 2027.

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, technology is playing a crucial role in making things more efficient and competitive. One exciting technology that's making waves is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).  

It's a blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that helps pharmaceutical companies handle large amounts of information with ease. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 ways IDP is transforming the pharmaceutical sector.  

From simplifying regulatory compliance to improving drug development, IDP's applications are changing the game, making work more productive and data-driven. So, let's dive in and see how IDP is elevating the industry's performance!

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10 Use Cases of Intelligent Document Processing in the Pharmaceutical Industry


1. Drug Development Optimization

Intelligent Document Processing helps researchers gather and analyze data from various sources, like scientific papers and clinical trial reports. By automating data extraction, IDP speeds up the process of identifying potential drug candidates, making drug development more efficient and saving time.


2. Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Pharmaceutical companies must adhere to strict regulations. Intelligent Document Processing assists in processing large volumes of legal and regulatory documents, ensuring that all required information is accurate and up-to-date. This helps companies stay compliant with laws and regulations.


3. Adverse Event Monitoring

Intelligent Document Processing can swiftly extract and analyze data from adverse event reports submitted by patients and healthcare professionals. This early detection of potential safety concerns allows pharmaceutical companies to take necessary actions promptly, ensuring patient safety.


4. Pharmacovigilance Automation

Pharmacovigilance involves monitoring the safety of drugs in the market. With IDP, companies can automate the analysis of safety-related data, making it easier to identify and respond to any emerging risks associated with medications.


5. Clinical Trial Data Management

Running clinical trials generates a massive amount of data. IDP helps manage and organize this data efficiently, ensuring that researchers can easily access and analyze information, leading to more accurate and reliable trial results.


6. Invoice and Payment Processing

Pharmaceutical companies deal with numerous invoices and payments from suppliers and partners. IDP streamlines this process by extracting data from invoices and facilitating seamless payment processing, reducing errors and saving time.


7. Patient Data Extraction

Intelligent Document Processing helps healthcare providers extract critical information from patients' medical records, such as diagnosis, prescriptions, and treatment plans. This enhances the accuracy of patient care and allows doctors to make informed decisions.


8. Drug Labeling and Packaging

Ensuring accurate labeling and packaging of medicines is crucial for patient safety. IDP aids in verifying and cross-checking information on drug labels, reducing the risk of errors in packaging and distribution.


9. Supply Chain Management

Pharmaceutical supply chains involve tracking various components from manufacturers to pharmacies. Intelligent Document Processing simplifies the tracking and monitoring of inventory levels, ensuring a smooth flow of medicines from production to end-users.


10. Contract Management

Managing contracts with suppliers, distributors, and partners can be complex. IDP automates the processing of contract data, making it easier to review and negotiate terms, ultimately fostering more efficient business relationships.

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Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing Use Cases


Faster Drug Development

IDP helps researchers and scientists find important information quickly from various sources, like research papers and clinical trial reports. By automating the process, IDP saves time and energy, allowing them to identify potential new drugs faster. This means that life-saving medicines can be developed more quickly and reach patients who need them sooner.


Safer Medicines

With IDP's assistance in monitoring adverse events and analyzing safety-related data, pharmaceutical companies can quickly identify any potential risks associated with medicines. This helps them take prompt action to ensure patient safety. Safer medicines mean that people can trust the treatments they receive and reduce the chance of unexpected side effects.


Efficient Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are essential for testing new medications. Intelligent Document Processing helps manage and organize the enormous amount of data generated during these trials. By doing so, it becomes easier for researchers to find and analyze the data they need. Efficient clinical trials mean that we get more reliable and accurate results, which ultimately leads to better medicines.


Better Patient Care

IDP aids healthcare providers in extracting crucial information from patients' medical records quickly and accurately. This means that doctors can access relevant data when making decisions about a patient's treatment. Better patient care ensures that people receive the right treatments at the right time, improving their chances of recovery.


Smooth Supply Chains

IDP simplifies tracking and managing the flow of medicines from manufacturers to pharmacies. By automating the process, it becomes easier to keep track of inventory levels and ensure a steady supply of medicines. A smooth supply chain means that pharmacies can keep their shelves stocked, and patients can access the medicines they need without delays.



Intelligent Document Processing is a game-changer in the pharmaceutical industry, and it brings a lot of positive changes that benefit both researchers and patients. By using AI and ML to process documents, Intelligent Document Processing speeds up drug development, making it easier for scientists to find potential life-saving medicines faster. This means that new treatments can reach patients in need more quickly.  

Additionally, IDP helps pharmaceutical companies monitor the safety of medicines by analyzing data from adverse event reports, ensuring that people receive safer treatments with fewer risks.

Moreover, IDP makes clinical trials more efficient, resulting in more accurate and reliable research outcomes. This leads to better medicines and treatments for various health conditions.  

With the quick and accurate extraction of information from patients' medical records, IDP supports healthcare providers in delivering better patient care. Doctors can access critical data promptly, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about treatment options, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Lastly, IDP ensures a smooth supply chain by automating inventory tracking and management. This means that pharmacies can maintain a sufficient stock of medicines, and patients can access their medications without unnecessary delays.  


FAQs on Intelligent Document Processing in Pharmaceutical Industry


What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in the pharmaceutical industry?

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a cutting-edge technology that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate data extraction and analysis from diverse documents in the pharmaceutical sector.


How does IDP benefit pharmaceutical companies?

IDP benefits pharmaceutical companies by speeding up drug development, ensuring safer medicines through adverse event monitoring, and improving efficiency in clinical trials and supply chain management.


Is IDP secure and compliant with regulations?

Yes, IDP is designed to be secure and compliant with industry regulations. It ensures data privacy and accuracy, helping pharmaceutical companies meet their legal and regulatory requirements effectively.



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