October 18, 2022

Microsoft and AmyGB 'Co-Sell Ready' Partnership

Learn about the partnership between Microsoft and AmyGB

AmyGB, an innovation disruptor in the Intelligent Document Management space, has achieved Microsoft Co-Sell Ready status for their flagship platform VisionEra. The Microsoft co-sell program is a top-tier Microsoft partner program, and it enables AmyGB to work together with Microsoft’s sales organization, and other Microsoft partners, to rapidly grow the sale and usage of VisionEra and Azure as well as other Microsoft Azure-based services.

Achieving ‘co-sell ready’ status will provide AmyGB VisionEra with a significant scaling opportunity by gaining access to Microsoft global customer and partner base. Furthermore, ‘co-sell ready’ status will enable AmyGB and Microsoft teams to collaborate globally on promoting VisionEra as a IDP solution powered by Microsoft Azure technology stack. Specifically, Microsoft sales and consulting teams will be able to offer VisionERA IDP solution to their corporate customers as an integrated feature within the enterprise business applications powered by Microsoft products. The greater choice and flexibility provided by being part of the Microsoft Partner’s Network will provide AmyGB VisionERA customers with a richer set of options in processing multiple languages and handwritten documents. 

We are also live on Microsoft appsource, do check us out; here is the link

If your are already a part of Microsoft ecosystem (using Azure etc), reach out to us to explore how you can leverage this to your advantage.

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