September 30, 2022

What is a Document Automation Specialist? Meet VisionERA!

Organizations have to constantly tackle huge volumes and varieties of documents leading to slow processes. Learn how a document automation specialist can help!

Any idea how many documents and emails your organization sends and receives every day? Just think of all the requests, quotes, agreements, invoices, financial statements, and the accompanying email messages that your colleagues process. It’ll probably run into hundreds of documents and emails a day. Perhaps even a thousand or more. 

All these documents consume a lot of your employees’ time and effort. Why? Because every document requires different actions, thereby, demanding a document automation specialist. Generating text, finding contact details, saving, sending, signing, processing and archiving. And then there is the fact that organizations use different applications for all these actions, with employees having to constantly switch between them. This includes applications such as ERP, and CRM.  

Surely there has to be a smarter way. And indeed there is, it’s called document automation! In this article, we will explain what it means and the immense benefits of a document automation specialist for your organizations.

What is Document Automation?

Document automation is generally defined as a process that automates the processing of data contained in documents ― understanding what the document is about, what information it contains, extracting that information, and sending it to the right place. 

In other words, document automation automates all the repetitive actions involved in drawing up documents. Think of standard text blocks and the corporate identity of a document. You always work directly into a ready-to-use document. In the automation process, a link is made with your company's database and with the push of a button you have the necessary data (for example, from a specific customer) directly in your document. You fill in a number of variables by means of a question and answer screen and voilà: personalized content in a jiffy. Document automation simplifies the process surrounding your company documentation. 

Streamlining document creation presents a huge opportunity for businesses of all kinds to not only save time but also ensure better accuracy and improve workflows. This is what document automation is all about.

Moving Beyond the Old Ways

Traditionally, document creation and assembly were simultaneously the bane and the bread and butter of a large workforce in an organization. Creating new documents for every requirement involved painstaking efforts that were prone to introducing errors and took a great deal of time. Yet there were few alternatives and few incentives to change. Many older document automation tools were cumbersome, difficult to use, and with the billable hour firmly in place, there was no reason to automate the process or introduce new efficiencies. However, today times have changed and organizations  are now under increasing pressure to cut costs, and speed up their services, which in turn is heavily reliant on documents and their processing. A document automation specialist system can therefore help firms meet many of the modern day new requirements, allowing them to reduce their reliance on the billable hour and pass on significant savings and efficiencies to their clients, all while maintaining or even increasing firm profitability.

What is Meant by a Document Automation Specialist?

A document automation specialist helps organizations increase productivity and efficiency. It also sectors such as the healthcare industry become more compliant. While it helps businesses save time and use their resources wisely on one hand, it even helps boost employee productivity. A document automation specialist also helps businesses reduce potential inaccuracies that expose organizations to risk. 

A few critical capabilities of a document automation specialist include-

  • Helps reduce manual errors
  • Gives real time results
  • Provides more control over data
  • Enhances document collaboration amongst different users

Who can Benefit from Document Automation?

Any organization that uses standardized documents can benefit from them. However, those that will gain the most from implementing a document automation solution are in industries with complex, document-intensive workflows. However, some specific industries that can benefit from document automation are- 

Logistics Logistics
Healthcare Healthcare
Retail Retail
Manufacturing Manufacturing

VisionERA- The Next Gen Document Automation Specialist

VisionERA’s intelligent document processing platform is an automation accelerator, which captures, extracts, classifies and verifies business critical  data  from colossal amounts of documents at the click of a button . Our high value solution relies on an integrated mix of technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Human-in-the-Loop (HITL), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Computer Vision. The power of VisionERA IDP is its ability to handle multiple document types - processing any type of structured or semi-structured documents, ranging from invoices to know your customer forms to patient records. VisionERA offers high value to organizations by helping them re imagine and automate more of each end to end process. Built on a modular approach,it has been designed by our architects to allow for re-use, and customization. It offers better precision and faster speed at a cheaper price. 

Built by our experts on a zero 3rd-party dependency approach, VisionERA has been designed using an open source technology. We are industry agnostic and can process documents for a large number of organizations across industries and sectors. Besides, our custom workflow can quickly adapt to your business rules and integration modules can connect to your app ecosystem in a seamless way. VisionERA is also loaded with a smart insights board that can give views on aspects such as Usage analytics on Document automation, FTE Equivalent, Savings, Earnings from higher throughput, ROI and so much more.VisionERA even gets smarter with each use and our Smart AI Engine is embedded with one-shot retraining modules and recommendation engine which is highly tuned to self-learn and evolve as you scale.


A move to document automation specialist can represent uncharted territory for organizations across industries. However, companies that embrace intelligent document automation platforms will enjoy tremendous benefits resulting from their new competitive advantage over firms that refuse to embrace the power of document automation.

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