September 29, 2022

4 Key Benefits to Consider Automation of Recurring Documents

Recurring documents can consume a lot of resources when you process them manually. Learn how an AI-enabled platform can help with automation of recurring documents.

There are numerous document templates you may have in your business. The same documents keep going around, again and again, changing only slightly each time. When you deal with such recurring documents manually, it costs you a lot of time and hampers the productivity of your employees.

 The best way to collect information from recurring documents via processing is by automating them. This article looks at how you can achieve that with the help of an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform.

What are Recurring Documents?

Recurring documents are the documents that you receive at a particular frequency. For example, a service provider may send you an invoice on the last working day of each month for the services provided. Similarly, the members of your sales team who frequently travel to outstation locations may share their expense reports towards the end of the month.

Examples of Recurring Documents

Here are some examples of recurring documents that your finance team deals with regularly.

Examples of Recurring Documents


·       Invoices

·       Receipts

·       Tax records

·       Customer records


Recurring Document Processing Challenges without Automation

Recurring document processing is one of the most common challenges in the business world. The reason for this is simple: documents are everywhere, and they need careful processing for them to be useful. Without automation, processing recurring documents can take up a lot of time and resources. This makes it difficult for you to meet your goals in a timely manner.

Document processing is also a complex process that involves many people and multiple departments. Each document will have its own unique requirements, and the workflow for that document can remain complicated. Without automation, it's impossible to ensure that all of the steps in this process get completed correctly.

 The challenges with recurring document processing include:

·       The need for employees to spend time manually reviewing and sorting documents.

·       The need for employees to spend time manually scanning documents.

·       The possibility of human error when performing these tasks.


How Automation helps Process Recurring Documents Better?

In the world of finance, there's a lot of paperwork to process. And, while it is critical to manage your documents, it can be hard to keep up with all the different forms, requirements, and deadlines—especially when you have a busy schedule.

That's where automation comes in. With an automated platform, you can simplify your document processing by automatically processing documents as they become available. You do not have to worry about tracking down forms or waiting until they're due for processing. You also do not have to worry about missing deadlines for processing certain documents because the system will finish your tasks in no time.

Automation can be an excellent tool to increase efficiency and save time by reducing manual labor associated with processing forms and recurring documents. It also allows you to focus on other things like growing your business or improving customer service instead of worrying about paperwork that can slow down progress toward those goals.

 Key Benefits of Automated Processing of Recurring Documents

Here are some advantages of opting for an automated system for processing recurring documents.

Key Benefits of Automated Processing of Recurring Documents

 Reduces Manual Work

Automated document processing reduces the amount of manual work that you need to do. You no longer have to worry about spending time on tedious and repetitive tasks. Instead, you can focus on critical activities in your business, like improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

 Reduces Scope for Errors

In a world where everyone is busy and mistakes can be costly, this is a huge benefit. In addition to reducing the potential for mistakes, automated document processing allows you to add new information. This information goes straight to your database without entering anything manually, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Automated document processing also allows you to avoid problems associated with human error. It uses algorithms specifically designed for each type of document. It will get you more accurate results than if you were doing it manually.

 Helps Save Time

Automated document processing is a great way to save time and resources. Time is money, and if you’re spending too much of it on tedious tasks like data entry, it might be time to consider switching over to automated document processing. The technology can help you reduce the time you spend on tedious tasks like data entry and make your work day more efficient.

 Enables Smart Handling of Documents

Automated document processing allows you to manage your documents much better. Your business can handle the most important documents first and put the others in order by priority. The result is that your staff will never be overwhelmed by too many documents at once. And you don’t have to worry about missing important information due to poor organization or prioritization.

Automate your Recurring Documents with VisionERA

Get over the error-prone and monotonous ways of processing recurring documents with VisionERA. It is an advanced IDP platform you can use to automate the processing of recurring documents of all types. No matter what your scale of operations is, AI will ensure you get the desired results.

VisionERA comes with AI and ML algorithms and has training on real-life documents. It enables you to process documents much faster and with increased accuracy. A digitized recurring document processing activity will allow you to focus on other areas of your business that need more attention.


You also get the capabilities of processing documents 20x faster and experience 3x more productivity. VisionERA has an outcome-based pricing model, where you only need to pay when you start achieving the desired results. You only receive $0 invoices till then.


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