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Our trendsetting digital products have become a game-changer in today’s highly competitive tech world, revolutionizing how organizations handle data and streamline workflows. There are certain tasks that require monitoring and optimization all day long. Our cutting-edge services enable businesses to easily handle and optimize operations 24x7, enhance data accuracy and improve customer satisfaction.

Empower Business Operations by Driving Automation Revolution to Get

Cost Efficiency
Higher Accuracy

Data Extraction Made Easy!

Elevate data extraction and other related document processes without increasing expenses and enhance customer fulfillment through our wide-range of automated software solutions. Our futuristic document processing solutions help you comprehend faster time to convert documents (both hard and soft) into digital assets, extracting data and converting them to valuable repositories, making them available to market and drive sales.

AI-Human Partnership for Better Future

To make our digital products truly future-proof investment, our AI-fueled automated digital products are designed to continuously learn from human inputs. The end user can use customized inputs to help the AI engine understand what is important to you and the system will remember it. With a continuous and on-going partnership, humans can enjoy the freedom of time.

Document Processing Solutions That Effectively Extract and Structure Information to Automate Business Processes

Embed our sophisticated digital products in your organizations to get 5-10x faster data processing. Our AI-driven intelligent automated solutions can be used in multiple areas of the business to enhance document processing by modifying your AI workflows. Through our automated document processing solutions, accelerate digital transformation by combining the power of document processing with automation to handle unstructured and structured data in any format.

AI-powered Document Processing and API Services That Scale Business Operations


Convert unstructured or semi-structured data to insightful documents without worrying about the volumes for powerful business decisions through our intelligent document processing product. Whether it's an invoice or a purchase order, our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform can handle them all. Our IDP solution - VisionEra can sort through different types of documents, extract data, verify and notify you for approvals before passing it to rest of the functions. Intelligent Document Processing has become an indispensable tool for modern organizations, serving a crucial role in improving customer experience.

API Services

Your gateway to streamlined verification and frictionless onboarding! We empower businesses of all sizes to seamlessly integrate powerful verification tools into their workflows, eliminating tedious manual checks and unlocking a world of agility and accuracy.

Our suite of cutting-edge API services

RC Verification API

Ditch the paperwork and embrace instant vehicle ownership and insurance verification. Our RC Verification API retrieves real-time information directly from government databases, providing you with comprehensive vehicle details including owner name, registration status, insurance validity, and more, all within seconds.

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Driving License Verification API

Ensure compliance and combat fraud with instant driver's license verification. Our API instantly validates license authenticity, photograph, and validity period, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

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Bank Statement Verification API

Simplify income verification and streamline loan applications. Our Bank Statement API securely accesses and analyzes bank statements, extracting key financial information like income, balance, and transaction history, all with user consent and regulatory compliance.

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PAN Verification API

Expedite onboarding and eliminate manual PAN card verification. Our PAN API instantly validates PAN card details directly from official databases, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

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Aadhaar Verification API

Leverage the power of India's unique identification system for secure and comprehensive identity verification. Our Aadhaar API verifies resident information against the Aadhaar database, providing a robust layer of security for KYC and user authentication processes.

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Why choose AmyGB?

outcome based pricing

Trusted expertise

We boast a proven track record of providing reliable and secure solutions to businesses across diverse industries.

Zero 3rd-Party Dependency

Unparalleled data coverage

Access verified data from a vast network of official databases, ensuring comprehensive and accurate verification.

Industry Agnostic

Scalable infrastructure

Our robust infrastructure seamlessly handles high volumes of document processing and API requests, guaranteeing consistent performance and uptime.

Workflows & Integrations

Dedicated support

Our team of experts is always available to provide guidance and support throughout your integration and ongoing use of our automated solutions.

Insight Board

Innovative Technology Solutions

Gain access to the latest features and capabilities that positions your business for future growth and competitiveness.

Smarter AI Engine

Compliance and Security Focus

We prioritize the implementation of robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information.

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