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MailEra 2.0

  • End to end email automation tool that reduces human dependency with great accuracy
  • Resembles human-like behaviour in understanding large unstructured emails and identifying customer intent
  • Advanced neural networks deployed to understand customer query and respond automatically with 100% resolution
  • Boosts customer experience by reducing response time by more than 98% with unparalleled quality
  • Increases organization productivity by at least 300%
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  • Superior, human-like cognitive capabilities that allow it to process multiple queries simultaneously
  • Steep learning curve that produces great accuracy from the first day
  • Eases customer query input by autocompleting sentences
  • Allows customer to resolve 80% queries at point of contact by replicating process workflows at the customer front end
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    • Captures data from printed as well as handwritten documents with best in the world accuracy
    • It is a format and template agnostic solution that can extract data from unseen formats as well
    • Automates a significant component of cognitive work, increasing operational efficiency

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