ICR and OCR automation

Featuring advanced proprietary OCR and ICR technology, ERA24x7 can extract data from unstructured handwritten documents as well printed documents with highest accuracy, without the need of template based frameworks, with best in the world accuracy


  • Extracts text from unstructured handwritten as well as printed documents into digital data to be used for analytics or data entry into back office database system


  • Automatically detects and flags potential errors
  • Prompts auto corrective suggestions based on directory
  • Convert data into any digital output


  • Convert documents to data within seconds
  • Automates a significant component of cognitive work
  • Extremely accurate compared to traditional human data entry

Four Advantages

There are 4 ways in which VisionEra offers functional
supriority and distinct advantages to its users

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Saves Time
  • High Accuracy
  • Continuous Learner

Easy to Use

  • The product is platform-agnostic, making it very convenient to use whether the input information is in large reams of unstructured hand-written text or printed text. Documents sent as attachments on e-mail can be auto downloaded and processed to run validations (e.g. PAN card or other ID proof), or enter data into ERP systems from invoices.


  • VisionERA uses in-house developed OCR algorithms that read documents and invoices irrespective of their format and extract data into desirable output format such as excel, word, notepad etc. to assist data entry into enterprise solutions for further processing. It offers a high degree of accuracy and also has auto-learning capabilities. This make it far more efficient and time-saving than traditional data entry, and also makes it cost-effective.

Higher Accuracy

  • VisionERA possesses intelligence and intent analysis capabilities that enable it to contextualize the information provided and render it into actionable data. Moreover, its OCR and ICR capabilities can read through documents such as identity proof, validate their authenticity and update the CRM accordingly. Hence it is a more comprehensive solution.

Continuous Learner

  • VisionERA has deep learning capabilities built into the product and uses industry best processes in NLP and ML. These ensure that each new type of data encountered, only enriches the memory bank of VisionERA and it continues to become increasingly adept.
Mrunal Fernandes

Our repeat emails have reduced by 5%

Customer happiness is at the fore front of everything we do at RGI. Engaging with AmyGB has been a great decision, as their unique AI solutions have tremendously helped improve productivity and taken Customer Experience to an altogether new level. Our repeat email volume has reduced by 5% and our FTR accuracy stands at 95%. It has been a wonderful experience working with AmyGB, and are already engaging them for several other crucial projects within RGI.

Mrunal Fernandes

-Associate Segment Head – Customer Service, Reliance General Insurance
Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

The Product is Really impressive

The quality of the research done in the area of unstructured text & vision by AmyGB is truly impressive, and the product offering has real potential for impact. They have an excellent team that whole heartedly puts their mind into understanding your business challenges, and deriving innovative solutions to solve them. One of their products, MailERA, has helped us treat every customer like royalty. To see such brilliant research beginning in the area of unstructured text in India is exciting.

Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

-Chief Business Officer, Mahindra Integrated Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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