An end to end email automation tool that uses deep learning and neural networks to understand context from large unstructured emails using unique pattern recognition algorithms that identify customer intent and auto-respond to queries or support requests with minimum to no human intervention



  • Advanced NLP capabilities combined with Deep Learning Technology can identify intents from the e-mail body using unique Pattern based recognition approach with accuracy of 95%+
  • Can categorise and tag emails according to business processes
  • Capable of 2-way communication with the CRM: fetching information from and updating the CRM, using entities extracted from the e-mail, and can also generate tickets through the CRM
  • Can also read and process attached documents using proprietary OCR tools, as well as share attachments fetched from the CRM


  • One of the only email automation tools capable of end-to-end automation guaranteeing a Day One accuracy of more than 90%!
  • It accurately responds to more than 80% of repetitive customer emails, freeing up agents time for more productive work
  • It classifies escalations or sensitive emails based on intent type, sentiment analysis or customer profile into relevant priority buckets for manual intervention
  • Advanced Machine Learning capabilities continue to identify new categories even when the tool is live and it continues to learn and improve accuracy


  • Resembles human like behavior in understanding large unstructured mails and identifying customer intent
  • Identifies relevant entities and extracts key customer information to communicate with the CRM for purpose of validation or fetching information in order to draft auto-responses
  • Can function as a virtual sales assistant, using analytical models to intelligently cross sell or upsell products

Functional Capabilities

There are 6 ways in which MailERA® 2.0 offers functional superiority and distinct advantages to its users: 

  • expertise
  • assessment
  • validation
  • accuracy
  • enhancement/
  • timeliness


  • Rich experience and deep domain expertise give MailERA® 2.0 a head start in understanding and managing the entire email management process across different industries and sectors, covering all kinds of queries and complaints related to products or processes.
  • Further, its intelligence and intent analysis capabilities enable it to also function as a virtual sales assistant by anticipating the sales process and sending the appropriate promotional literature to the right customer, at the right time, as needed.



  • MaiERA® 2.0 provides multi-channel communication between customer, agent and CRM: it identifies intent, assesses and categorises emails accordingly, is capable of extracting relevant info from the mail such as mobile no, account / policy / vehicle no etc and ferries information to and from the CRM. Its document cognition capabilities allow it to also read & process attached documents and it either auto responds or prompts the agent with the desired reply.
    In addition, based on the sender’s behavioural pattern, MailERA® 2.0 also helps in intelligent cross sell or up-sell of related products.



  • MailERA® 2.0 can validate customer information as required from a business perspective. It can identify missing pieces of information and prompt the sender to furnish the missing details before proceeding with the request. It can also intelligently profile the customer so as to provide personalised responses depending on customer type / profile. Moreover, its OCR and ICR capabilities can read through documents such as identity proof, validate their authenticity and update the CRM accordingly.



  • The robust engine that fuels MailERA® 2.0, has been developed in-house. It begins with an accuracy of over 85% as the platform continuously adds to its capabilities through deep learning and handling of data.



  • MailERA® 2.0 has deep learning capabilities built into the product and uses industry best processes in NLP and ML. These inbuilt capabilities automatically identify new categories to be used as training data to continually improve the system’s accuracy. Each new situation encountered or new piece of data generated, automatically gets added to the data bank and becomes a learning aid to enhance and improve the product’s capabilities, consistently.



  • Superfast learning curve with limited data requirements (Our AI takes max 7 days to train on any dataset across any industry)


  • 10+ Clients in 6 months of launch

  • 6Integrations

  • 3,00,000+Tickets solved per month

  • 1 Million tickets solved till date

  • 200K Man hrs saved

  • 98%Accuracy achieved

Advantages of

    • Reduces Time

      90% reduction in response time value for customer's time

    • Increases Quality

      Significant enhacement in quality & consistency of communication

    • Enhances Customer delight

      Significant enhancement in quality & consistency of communication

    • Optimises Cost

      Helps organisations achieve considerable cost efficiencies by paying per actuals / volume based subscription fee - pay per email

    • Enjoy Wide Application

      Industry and Platform Agnostic Solution

    • Increases Operational Efficiency

      Takes care of seasonal volume fluctuations, attrition / inadequate training, etc. Even a huge surge in email volumes during peak seasons can be handled with the same efficiency, quality, consistency and timelines, WITH THE SAME WORKFORCE

    • Improves Productivity

      Reduces workload from existing manpower by taking the burden of rebundant, repetitive, mundane and un-intelligent work, enabling them to do more productive work in the same time. This in effect enables organisations to "Do More with Less"

Mrunal Fernandes

Our repeat emails have reduced by 5%

Customer happiness is at the fore front of everything we do at RGI. Engaging with AmyGB has been a great decision, as their unique AI solutions have tremendously helped improve productivity and taken Customer Experience to an altogether new level. Our repeat email volume has reduced by 5% and our FTR accuracy stands at 95%. It has been a wonderful experience working with AmyGB, and are already engaging them for several other crucial projects within RGI.

Mrunal Fernandes

-Associate Segment Head – Customer Service, Reliance General Insurance
Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

The Product is Really impressive

The quality of the research done in the area of unstructured text & vision by AmyGB is truly impressive, and the product offering has real potential for impact. They have an excellent team that whole heartedly puts their mind into understanding your business challenges, and deriving innovative solutions to solve them. One of their products, MailERA, has helped us treat every customer like royalty. To see such brilliant research beginning in the area of unstructured text in India is exciting.

Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

-Chief Business Officer, Mahindra Integrated Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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