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Fueled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, featuring three powerful capabilities, our automated customer communication engine, ERA24x7, offers you a very real glimpse of the future of customer relationship management through its ability to create personalized customer experiences at scale.

Why actually heralds a new era

Featuring advanced deep learning and neural networking skills, ERA24x7 is powered with the capability to understand unstructured text, identify customer intent and gauge customer desire with high levels of accuracy. It employs an advanced mail product application, a vision-based reader that incorporates both ICR and OCR and an extremely advanced chat application that goes way beyond the scope of present day chatbots. It also functions as an extremely valuable virtual sales assistant by being able to not only handle tickets and such daily operational activities but also cross sell and upsell relevant products to customers based on its cognitive and analytical capabilities.

These capabilities come together to create ERA24x7, a powerful AI fuelled engine that makes managing customer relationships much easier, more effective and highly optimized. ERA24x7 offers rapid scalability as it features sppedy and effective learning, both in the installation phase as well as after the product is live; and has seamless integration APIs for most of the existing renowned CRM solutions so that your agents can continue to work on their habitual environment while harnessing the power of AI to enhance productivity.


  • Resembles human-like behaviour in its ability to understand large unstructured data using advanced deep learning technology
  • Steep learning curve with minimal data requirement for training and quick turn around time irrespective of industry or use case
  • Industry, platform and format agnostic solutions with quick learning capabilities using transfer learning technology
  • Unique pattern based recognition technology ensures superior accuracy of more than 85% on day one of implementation
  • End-to-end automation customized for every unique business process ensures minimal human dependency on repetitive processes
  • Can function as a virtual sales assistant, upselling and cross-selling products, across the board
  • Advanced Machine Learning capabilities ensure it continues to learn


Speed Read-er

  • Featuring advanced proprietary OCR and ICR technology, ERA24x7 can extract data from unstructured handwritten documents as well printed documents with highest accuracy
  • It is format-agnostic and is capable of extracting data from unstructured documents and converts them to a digital structured output that can be entered into any database
  • Automates a significant component of cognitive work
  • Data can be automatically populated into a back office system, avoiding laborious manual keying
  • Extremely accurate compared to traditional human data entry


  • Superior cognitive capabilities allow it to read text, images and documents, creating a super-efficient system for interacting with customers
  • Quick learning from available data sources, including e-mail, using transfer learning technology
  • Auto-complete and multi-intent features ease customer experience journey
  • Capable of reducing ticket generation by more than 80%, by transferring the power of query resolution to the front line customer, rather than backend agents
  • Capable of solving 80% of queries, complaints or service requests generated through channels such as App, Web or WhatsApp with highest accuracy

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  • 10+ Clients in 6 months of launch

  • 6Integrations

  • 3,00,000+Tickets solved per month

  • 1 Million tickets solved till date

  • 200K Man hrs saved

  • 98%Accuracy achieved

Client's Speak

Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

The Product is Really impressive

The quality of the research done in the area of unstructured text & vision by AmyGB is truly impressive, and the product offering has real potential for impact. They have an excellent team that whole heartedly puts their mind into understanding your business challenges, and deriving innovative solutions to solve them. One of their products, MailERA, has helped us treat every customer like royalty. To see such brilliant research beginning in the area of unstructured text in India is exciting.

Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

-Chief Business Officer, Mahindra Integrated Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Mrunal Fernandes

Our repeat emails have reduced by 5%

Customer happiness is at the fore front of everything we do at RGI. Engaging with AmyGB has been a great decision, as their unique AI solutions have tremendously helped improve productivity and taken Customer Experience to an altogether new level. Our repeat email volume has reduced by 5% and our FTR accuracy stands at 95%. It has been a wonderful experience working with AmyGB, and are already engaging them for several other crucial projects within RGI.

Mrunal Fernandes

-Associate Segment Head – Customer Service, Reliance General Insurance

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