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7 Reasons to Automate Customer Query Management

Customers require quick query resolution. Are you doing enough and hearing out your customers? Read this blog to know how can you prioritize every customers' query equally.

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"Excellent customer service is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers, there is no company!" - Connie Edler

According to a recent study by Forrester, a 10% improvement in a company’s customer experience score can translate into more than $1 billion increased revenue.
A good CX score is the way to shine amid the crowd of competitors with increased reliability and customer loyalty.
Adopting a customer-centric approach prioritizes customers’ opinions, grievances, and feedback within the organization. Lacking a centralized customer response management framework might obstruct the loop of repeated businesses from loyal customers to referral businesses for further expansion. Before plunging into the adoption of automation fostering an unobtrusive convenience and transition, let us understand the obstacles that ail customers experience and hinder sophisticated query management.

Outdated Mode of Query Resolution and The Resultant Poor Experience

To achieve a higher CX, a centralized service attending to the needs of the users with prompt experience enhancement is crucial. Relying on outdated techniques like hand-operated feedback collection and manual tracking application data contributes to customers’ disconnection.

1. Prolonged Response Time:

More than 40% of customers will choose to walk away if they are not seen or heard within the given turnaround time. Delayed response to customers’ concerns reduces the chances of them returning, thus incurring losses to businesses. Speed and convenience are what customers expect. However, piling up of manual tasks especially during volume surge bogs down the agents’ productivity.

2. Not Paying Heed to Customers’ Needs:

A study published in the Harvard Business Review reported that handling a complaining customer more proactively in less than 5 minutes will ensure repeat purchases in the future. The absence of automation is felt profoundly when the agents are not trained enough to handle multiple queries or lack a standard method of response, resulting in prolonged response time.

3. Transfer of Issues between Agents or Departments:

Transferring customers from one department to another for query resolution can prove to be a death knell for business reputation leading to loss of revenue.

4. Absence of Human Interaction and Touch:

Adoption of legacy technologies, rather than simplifying the process, stirs a sharp contrast between live bots and human interactions leading to customer dissatisfaction.

5. Wrong Classification and Problem Analysis:

Being unaware of the customer’s interaction history, product USP, and precise services that the customer enquires leads to incompetent analysis, inaccurate evaluation, and wrong responses that adversely impact the experience.

6. Breach of TAT Promise Directly Affecting CX:

Failure in providing instant resolution leads to breach of TAT promise showing a lack of proactiveness of the customer service agent in resolving queries.

7. Absence of Customer-centric Approach:

Customer service should be aligned and mapped with the needs of the customers throughout the buyers’ cycle. Otherwise, it inhibits business efficiency.

Do these sound relatable? Are you wondering how to enable process efficiency? Automation is the answer to your problems. Here is how.
The journey of experience is complex and difficult to be defined by a set of standard norms. In terms of statistics, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.
Such metrics prove why businesses need to adapt and prioritize cutting-edge effective solutions, a fusion of intelligent data technology, and human expertise for customer query resolution. Legacy technologies cannot provide deep insight for quick query resolution and handle volume surge.
Here are seven reasons why automation should be adopted while addressing your customer query management.

1. A Collaborative Approach in Customer Service:

Automation of customer query management eliminates repetitive tasks, facilitates brisk communication across departments, derives crucial insights, streamlines various support channels, and can manage new tickets despite volume surges.

2. Speeding Up the Query Management for Process Efficiency:

As per Hubspot analysis, 90% of consumers regard immediate response as a significant factor while addressing service-related queries. Speed is the need of the hour. Without automation, support agents are swamped with tickets and struggle to prioritize consumer queries with accurate responses. Automation in customer service management speeds up the process with AI-powered omnichannel platforms enabling communication across the funnel seamlessly.

3. Efficient Task Management through Workflow Automation:

Support automation is beneficial for the internal service strategy to analyze and assign tasks and avoid wastage of resources and time. Effective workflow automation shifts the rote tasks to technologies that enable increased engagement, thus freeing time for more skill-based growth activities to boost productivity.

4. 24/7 Availability of Support:

Technologies like ML and NLP reduce dependency on human agents and provide 24/7 support to customers, leading to an improved customer experience improvement and C-SAT score.

5. Scale-up while Optimizing the Operational Cost:

Prompt response generation incurs the cost of human labor, training, and logistics. Also, managing numerous queries and maintaining customers’ across multiple channels increases redundant operational costs. Shifting manual tasks to AI-powered platforms can reduce the load and enable teams to focus on value-based activities that facilitate revenue generation.

6. Empower Customers with Efficient Service:

Poor customer service lessens the chances of onboarding new customers. Automation ensures reliable support service sans human-prone errors. Virtual AI-enabled platforms facilitate a customer-centric approach with humans in the loop thus reducing the chances of inaccurate response generation. These technologies facilitate a customer-centric approach, empowering customers and agents alike to achieve efficiency.

7. Real-Time Analytics with Reduced Friction:

Automation derives real-time consumer behavior analytics reducing the worry of customer retention through speedy tracking of queries and dynamic service processes.
A report by Gartner elaborates that by 2022, Machine Learning will take over 70% of customer interactions. Deep-tech fosters experience improvement by transforming the traditional contact center and query resolution for business initiatives.
Excellent customer service begins with excellent tools. AmyGB’s ERA24x7 platform is designed as a one-stop solution for automating customer query management through its efficient cognitive engines. Transform outmoded customer service and unleash the power of inexhaustible agility.
Book a session with our automation experts today to get a customized approach specifically designed to achieve the highest process efficiency in your business.
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