Deep - learning to mimic human behaviour

A unique communication platform that assists customers to resolve their queries or support requests at point of contact through Web, App or WhatsApp. Uses advanced pre-trained neural network algorithms to process multiple queries simultaneously, and assist in quick closure of tickets by the customer
Assisted Closure


Superior, human-like cognitive capabilities that allow it to read text, images as well as documents, creating a super-efficient system for interacting with customers.

Patent pending feature that enables resolution of multiple intents simultaneously.

Auto complete feature simplifies customer experience journey, prompting him with the exact suggestion of what he is looking for Intelligent UI and design that allows the customer to change request type by himself.

Can function as a virtual sales assistant, upselling and cross-selling products, across the board


Can identify customer intent with high degree of accuracy and handle complex business problems with ease.
Assists the customer in resolving most of his support queries at the point of contact, with minimal human intervention.
Request soft copy of documents.
Register a claim.
Request for claim status.
Change name / address or other account related information.
Process Information

Acu- men-tal

Its objective is to reduce ticket generation by 80% Intelligent built in analytics with deep learning enables personalized promotions and intelligent cross sell / upsell of products based on customer profile and user behavior / nature of query.


There are 6 ways in which Assisted Closure offers functional
superiority and distinct advantages to its users:

Easy to train


Multiple Query Resolution




Virtual Salesman



The future of chatbots

FeatureAssisted ClosureChatbot
Multiple IntentsYesNo
Understanding long unstructured textYesNo
Use email data for trainingAmple training data with high launch accuracy Less data for training Lower launch accuracy High learning curve for ML with trial and error
Memory of past tickets (Open & Closed)YesNo
Advertisements, campaigns, cross sell / upsell products, marketing material featured between tickets, BannersYesNo
App within App: Not restricted to boundaries / limitations of query / service bot YesNo
Throw / push notifications / sales promotions through or within appYesNo
Query resolutionComplete process flow for each query or ticket 2 way chat conversation / decision tree based IVR
AutocompleteAutofill (60% time conservation)Dropdown
ModelDeep Learning Pattern recognition NLP + Decision Tree Keyword based



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